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Growing your YouTube Channel can feel like a painstaking process. You’re sure that your videos are great, but you’re just not getting the traction or ranking that you need. That’s where our tips come in to give you that boost – so let’s take a look at how to grow your YouTube Channel!

Grow Your YouTube Channel

How To Grow Your YouTube Channel: Top Tips

Growing your YouTube channel requires a mix of creativity, logic, research and hard work. If you’re ready to put in the work, then we’ve got the steps to help. From making your content the best it can be to ranking for keywords and optimizing your channel, we’re here to help. Here we go!

1. Choosing Keywords

Targeting keywords is a proven way of making sure your video reaches those who are searching for content such as yours. Choosing the right keywords can be tricky, as you want to choose popular keywords that will be found, but not that will be buried under tons of other videos using the same keywords. Here’s a great way to get started:

  • Create a list of broad keywords (YouTube, Content Marketing, Music Artist etc)
  • Try putting these into the YouTube search bar to find out what YouTube suggests. This will provide with you some more specific, tailored keywords and phrases to target.
  • Use software such as TubeBuddy or VidIQ to check out the stats for these keywords and phrases
  • From this, you can select keywords that hold some weight without being too competitive or overused
  • Use your findings to optimize and target keywords by featuring them in your description, title and so on (we’ll go more into Optimization later on!)

To learn more about YouTube SEO and finding keywords, head to our YouTube SEO article for further tips.

2. The Importance Of Watch Time

The Importance Of Watch Time

In short, the further into your video viewers get, the more YouTube will favor it and rank it highly. Creating longer videos will help with this, as there is more for people to watch. Try out some different video lengths and keep an eye on your insights to see how your Watch Time fluctuates.

For these reasons, your video’s intro is super important. It should be quick, clear, engaging and introduce yourself as well as what your video will be about / its primary goal. Remember to keep (especially) the first few minutes of your video super engaging to encourage viewers to keep watching!

3. Adding Extra Elements

If you’re a YouTuber who primarily sits and talks in front of the camera, you may need to add some more elements in to keep your audience engaged. This can include anything, such as:

  • Graphics (such as your logo at the beginning / end)
  • Music
  • Animations
  • Shot changes
  • Text such as Subtitles
  • Edits and effects
  • Sound effects
  • B-roll and outtakes

These will help you keep the viewer’s attention, provide helpful facts, stats or visual aids, or even provide moments of comedy!

In terms of music, you need to find music that won’t risk your video or channel being taken down for copyright infringement. Royalty free sites are popular, but the quality usually isn’t the best, and there’s no guarantee that is complying with YouTube’s music copyright rules.

Your best option is music licensing – and that’s exactly what we do at Audiosocket. Keep reading to find out how we can help by providing amazing music from artists currently touring and creating in the industry for a super low price!

4. Optimization

You want to signal your video to YouTube, and optimize it so that it is ranked higher. Here are some tips to do so:

  • Feature your keyword or phrase in your video’s title
  • YouTube recommends having a long description. Pack this with your keyword(s) and keep it clear, concise and engaging.
  • Add tags, such as your keyword and any close variations and tags that represent your field or industry and are a bit broader.

Optimization also includes elements such as your thumbnails. These should be eye-catching, stand out against the red and black YouTube theme, and feature contrast. The best way to go about this is creating a custom playlist, as this will really help your video look professional and stand out.

5. Create YouTube Playlists

Create YouTube Playlists

We’ve spoken about this topic in-depth in our article about YouTube Playlists, but let’s recap here.

Playlists help to increase your Session Time, which is the amount of time a viewer spends on YouTube after they start watching your video. Creating playlists also allows you to keep your videos organized, plus it makes it easy for your viewers to roll through your videos. This is great for any series you have, and also great at subtly keeping viewers on your videos and channel.

Plus, they are easily shareable, and are indexed separately in search results (meaning you can be discovered more easily)!

6. Promote Your Videos

All the optimization in the world won’t help if you don’t give yourself a boost by promoting your videos. Share your videos on social media, including clips of the video to encourage people to tune in. Sharing B roll or BTS clips from making the video can also entice people to watch to find out what they’re missing out on.

Don’t be afraid to talk about, share or embed your videos in any other ventures, such as a blog, social media post, newsletter or via email. For more ideas, take a look at our article on YouTube Marketing Strategy.

7. Gaining Subscribers

Views are great and will help your ranking – but as you are reading this article, you are most interested in attracting subscribers and growing your channel and audience.

Make sure to add in an end screen to your videos, that will suggest other videos as well as featuring a Subscribe videos. Giving a quick shoutout asking viewers to subscribe in your video is a good way to remind them. Avoid making this sound too sales-y, and keep it fun, light and gently persuasive. Tell them why – maybe you’ve got an exciting series coming up, or you’re creating a part 2 to the current video they’re watching? Let them know why they should subscribe, and make them feel wanted, included and valued.

How To Grow Your YouTube Channel: How Audiosocket Can Help

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This article is all about creating great YouTube videos to grow your channel, and that’s where we can help! With your videos, you will most likely need music.

If you are looking for authentic, top-quality music for your project, why not check out Audiosocket? Your content deserves the best, so sign up today and access tens of thousands of songs to bring your vision to life! You can access Audiosocket’s music catalog for just $15 a month as a Personal creator. Not only that, but this allows you to license an unlimited number of tracks at no additional cost. Talk about win-win!

Also, feel free to check out our helpful articles on smartphone accessories for video creatorsusing background songs for videos and best free video editing software in 2021!

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