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In a world where smartphones are more developed than ever, shooting videos with smartphones no longer has the stigma it once did. Big-name directors, YouTubers, filmmakers and more are utilizing smartphones for their content, and why not? Smartphone cameras work well on their own, but there are some gadgets that will help take your content to the next level. These pieces of equipment will show your audience that you are a consummate professional without costing you an arm and a leg. Let’s take a look at some smartphone camera accessories for video creators!

Smartphone Camera Accessories: What Do You Need?


gimbal smartphone camera accessories for video content what is a gimbal

Gimbals are a great tool for stabilization. Most recent smartphones do have built-in optical image stabilization, but a gimbal will further improve this. A gimbal is mechanical stabilizer that uses three axes of rotation to keep the phone steady via three internal motors. They use algorithms to detect when cameras are being intentionally moved, which will eliminate shaky footage and make your shots smoother and more dynamic.

Prices of gimbals can range from $50 to $500 or more. We would advise you to do your research to find out which will suit your needs and budget best.

Attachable Lenses

Attachable lenses make a huge difference to your content. We would recommend at least purchasing an anamorphic lens. These are great because audiences are used to wide-format footage on the big screen, so they automatically register it as more cinematic looking. You can also buy sets of lenses that include a range, such as Fisheye, Super-Wide, Macro 15x, Telephoto 2X and Ultra-Wide Lenses. This will allow you to create a range of engaging content easily.


smartphone video accessories microphone for smartphones for filming sound

If you are vlogging, creating YouTube videos, or doing interviews – sound is arguably the most important part. You can purchase mics that plug into your phone’s charging port, and have headphone jacks so that you can monitor the sound. For interviews, you can get lapel mics that plug into your smartphone. The right microphone depends on the content you want to make. So, think about what specifications you need, and what you want to be able to do with your microphone.

Mounts, Rigs & Tripods

Your gimbal will help to stabilize your phone when creating moving shots – but what about if you’re filming static action? A tripod, of course! Luckily, you can attach smartphones to standard video tripods (if you have one) by buying a mount. Tripods are great for YouTube videos and interviews, and are an important investment if you don’t have one.


smartphone camera accessories lighting for smartphone filming videos

Low-lighting is not your friend with smartphones. Therefore, an LED light is a great investment. Depending on your budget, there is a range of options, all of which can attach to your smartphone. Price-wise, there are more basic options starting from $20. Making your videos look top-quality will attract more viewers, so it’s an investment worth making. For more tips on lighting your videos, check out our article.

Sticky Pads

Sticky pads are a brilliant option that can be a big help. They can also be low cost but make a big difference! These pads allow you to stick your smartphone on any smooth surface. Fun fact – estate agents use sticky pads to get their pictures from a higher angle to flatter the room!

Final Thoughts

Remember that you don’t need to break the bank in order to create great content. Figure out what equipment would be most helpful for your videos, and try them out to find what works best. The equipment above will make your video making process more efficient, and provide incredible results. Good luck, and we can’t wait to see your content!

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