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I, for one, find it to be really interesting that the more technology develops, the more we become nostalgic for older technology. Vintage has become fashionable, and a lot of us find ourselves yearning for aesthetics from past eras. This can be seen in cinematography and photo/video editing, as the aesthetic of older Film or disposable cameras are being replicated around the world. So, how exactly can you get this nostalgic effect? Join us to look at how to emulate film with Rob Ellis!

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How To Emulate Film With Rob Ellis

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All About Rob

Rob Ellis is a decorated UK-based YouTuber, who specializes in cinematic image-making. He shares tutorials, equipment tests and awesome behind the scenes content for filmmakers and creators online. Rob’s YouTube Channel has over 73,000 subscribers, innovating and sharing creative techniques to manipulate and use lighting to impact emotion in beautiful cinematic scenes.

Rob’s ‘How To Emulate Film’ YouTube Video

Rob recently shared an incredible video based around how to emulate film, replicating the tones and colors of this style.

He takes us through why film cameras produce the effects that they do, and why these effects aren’t present with a lot of modern digital footage. From the internal workings of film cameras as well as the film development process, Rob tells us all about the Film aesthetic – including how to achieve it with ‘Dehancer’, a plugin for DaVinci Resolve.

Showing us different effects, balances and features of the plugin, Rob displays various breathtaking footage, comparing before and afters as we go along. Explaining clearly and simply how everything works, the video is so interesting, sought after and above all, achievable!

Video Highlights

Some main highlights in ‘How To Emulate Film’ are:

  • What the look and feel of Film is
  • Color grading using ‘Dehancer’
  • How the plugin works, looking at white balance, exposure, grain and halation – and how you can emulate the film look and feel
  • Dehancer’s ‘Film Breath’ and ‘Gate Weave’ features – what they are how to use them
  • Analog effects in modern day film, for example, the movie Interstellar
  • How the Film/analog effect serves as a subconscious reminder that we are looking at light being captured in a physical medium
  • Various discount codes, including both Dehancer and a whole free month of unlimited music from Audiosocket!

Final Thoughts

As pointed out by Rob, the process of ‘dirtying up’ crisp and clear footage may seem a little counterproductive. However, the Film effect helps to give footage more depth, a sense of nostalgia and a warm, sentimental feeling. We love it, and we think the shots in this video are truly beautiful.

Another amazing video from Rob, we can’t wait to see what he can show us next! Don’t forget to follow via his Website or YouTube Channel, and also feel free to check out our article on his ‘What Is Temp Love In Filmmaking’ video!

How Audiosocket Can Help

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