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Falling in love with a track that you can’t license is a heartbreaking phenomenon that all filmmakers and creators have experienced. Whether you’ve heard a song and built a scene around it, or stumbled across the perfect track that is unattainable, we know the struggle. That’s why we’ve partnered up with cinematographer and YouTuber Rob Ellis to talk about the issue of Temp Love, and how you can find similar tracks to your reference track within minutes with Audiosocket. Who knows, there might even be a discount code in it for you!

Audiosocket x Rob Ellis: What Is Temp Love In Filmmaking?

Before we jump into Rob’s video, let’s talk about Temp Love!

Temp Love is essentially temporary music that creators, filmmakers and editors use when creating videos. When working on videos, creators usually includes a placeholder track to edit to. This often has to be replaced as it was too difficult or costly to secure the license. Temp Love refers to the temporary attachment that creators have to music that they practice with, edit to or temporarily add in that they then can’t use in the final product. Picture it: you’ve edited your video. The music has the exact feel you envisioned, and highlights poignant moments just perfectly… but the track is a huge commercial track that you have no chance of licensing. What do you do now?

Enter Rob Ellis to explain more!

About Rob Ellis

We’ve partnered up with the incredible Rob Ellis to bring you some top tips for finding and licensing similar tracks to those you’ve fallen in love with!

Rob is a celebrated YouTuber from the UK who specializes in cinematic image-making, sharing tutorials, equipment tests and awesome behind the scenes content for filmmakers online. His YouTube channel has almost 70,000 subscribers, and uses showstopping creative techniques to show creators ways of using lighting to impact emotion in a scene, demonstrating through breathtaking cinematic scenes.

Rob’s Search For The Perfect Track & Solving The Temp Love Issue

Rob himself has experienced Temp Love, and has created a video to show how to find highly similar alternatives to the tracks that you love (no matter how specific) with Audiosocket.

Check out his brand-new video here:

What Rob’s Video Explores

  • What ‘Temp Love’ is, and the reasons you might not be able to use a track
  • Pain points that occur when using stock and royalty free music in your videos
  • Rob’s journey of envisioning a song or an artist, and trying to find a track with his specific requirements
  • Using Audiosocket and our new Similarity Search tech to find similar tracks.

Other Resources

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Final Thoughts

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We hope that you enjoyed Rob’s video and found his explanations and end result as fascinating as we did. As always, we’re here to help creators in any way we can. Audiosocket prides itself on our high quality, affordable and accessible tracks for personal creators, businesses, YouTubers and many more.

If you’re intrigued, check out our catalog of over 80,000 tracks and curated playlists to help you find the perfect tracks for your project. Starting at just $15 a month, you can access unlimited tracks and give your videos the outstanding music they deserve. Also, don’t forget to check out Rob’s video to access a free month of unlimited music with Audiosocket. What are you waiting for? Go go go!

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