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We want to start by thanking you for working with us, and hope that you are enjoying our music as much as we do. We’re so excited to continue sharing more new artists and tracks with you! Today, we want to offer some guidance on how to license music on our platform and why licensing is so important.

Please feel free to contact us if you need any assistance at We are always here to help!

how to license music via audiosocket vinyl record tracks

The Importance Of Licensing Tracks

Without further ado, let’s get into why you should license music, and the difference between downloading and actually licensing tracks.

Why Do I Need To License Music?

We believe that our artists need to be compensated for their work, like our creative community does. Audiosocket offers premium quality music, plus the license is a legal requirement. Having a license allows you to use any track in your projects that require music.

Can I Just Download Tracks From Audiosocket?

“I have been downloading music at, so why do I need to read this document?”

In short, downloading alone does not mean you have a license. If you were to use the downloaded track in your project, you’d be risking copyright infringement. Artists are also compensated for their work only when the track is licensed.

How To License Music Via Audiosocket

Now that we’ve covered why licensing music is important, here’s how to do so on our platform. Let us guide you, step-by-step. Don’t worry, the process is simple and easy!

how to license music via audiosocket music licensing audiosocket

how to license music via audiosocket music licensing audiosocket

  1. Login to your account at
  2. Once you have chosen the track(s) you want to license, add them to your Cart by clicking on the Cart icon next to the track title
  3. Once you have all the tracks added to your Cart, proceed to Checkout by clicking the Cart icon at the top right of the screen
  4. Once in the Cart, add your license details. This includes project work titles, and the YouTube link, or similar. Then click “Checkout”.

You have successfully licensed your track(s)!

audiosocket music licensing high res music licensing agreement license tracks

You can access your licenses again any time by going to your profile and clicking “Licenses”. You can also find your purchase receipt there.

What Are The Benefits Of Audiosocket Compared To Stock Music?

audiosocket vs stock music what is stock music audiosocket music licensing site


Firstly, the quality of stock music or “canned music” can be a gamble. It can lack the depth compared to tracks created by working artists and bands, and can be quite generic. Also, stock music sites are used by tons of content creators, meaning that your videos lose their uniqueness. We find that lots of videos end up sharing the same tracks. Some stock music sites also create the entirety of their own music library. This means less variety and a lack of individuality or care that artists would put in for their own music.

Audiosocket, however, features handcrafted tracks from touring artists and bands for you to license. It’s safe to say there is plenty of choice with tens of thousands of tracks to choose from! You can also search by mood, genre, duration, themes and more to find your perfect soundtrack.

You can access Audiosocket’s music catalog from just $15 a month as an Individual creator. Not only that, but this allows you to license an unlimited number of tracks at no additional cost. What are you waiting for? Hit up Audiosocket now!

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