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New Music: The Red Collective's Pulsar EP

Soaring synth Marvel-inspired magic at your fingertips 👊

Welcome to another Friday of more brand-new music. Today we bring you a very magical release for Audiosocket. This cinematic soaring synth EP comes from our in-house production collaboration The Red Collective – and is now streaming.

Stick with us to hear all about how the collective was formed, and what Pulsar is all about!

All About Pulsar ⚡

Pulsar is an EP filled with soaring magic, cinematic synths coming to you straight from the multiverse! This is where heroes and villains collide in an apocalyptic battle of epic hybrid cinema, with blistering synth arpeggios and pure symphonic destruction!

Keep riding the Dr. Strange weekend wave on this epic ride with pulsing power. This is the album that will transport you to your favorite alternative dimensions, such as the fantastical worlds of Marvel, Blade Runner, and Hans Zimmer. Get a head start on Black Panther, The Marvels, Spiderman and even Stranger Things. Are you ready?

Our Single Picks

If these giant references were not enough to describe this epic album, hit the play button and let us guide you through each track. Pulsar is calling out for a battle – let us settle it:

  • “Firestone Requiem”Futuristic / cyberpunk / hybrid cinematic / suspense / cityscape
  • “Web of Deceit”Superhero / orchestral swagger /  hybrid score / battle scene
  • “A New Dawn”Heroic / epic synth bends / big brassy synths / intriguing / flying
  • “Serum”Badass / bombastic / apocalyptic / punching / Braams
  • “Archimedes”Epic synth arpeggios / hybrid symphonic / throbbing / jarring hits / ambient / atmospheric
  • “First Contact”Building / action / mysterious / captivating / countdown

Who Is The Red Collective?

The Red Collective logo

The Red Collective is made up of an innovative group of elite producers and writers. Born out of Covid-19 as a way to support our artist community in a creative way during lockdown, The Red Collective has only gotten stronger. 

It all started when our premium arm ASX hosted a “Writing for Sync” Masterclass which paired artists in collaborative pods. Hip Hop artists found themselves working with cinematic orchestrators and DJ’s found themselves paired with songwriters. The artists found value in the community and collaborations and their dynamic output was nothing shy of epic. And so, The Red Collective was born! The team creates within small pods, with each member of the “pod” bringing their own unique skill to the collaboration. This means there’s a wide range of styles and a mix of various talents and skill sets to bring your creative vision to life!

Ever since the group’s creation, TRC has built over 3M plays globally and has guaranteed numerous sync placements, including on “Teen Mom”, “College Hill”, “Grand Crew”, “All American”, “Selling Sunset”, and “Persuasion”, and for brands like Monster Energy, Vice, HBO, LinkedIn, Disney+, Amazon, NBC, Taco Bell, and more.

‘Pulsar’ Is Great, How Do I License It?

ASX Audiosocket The Red Collective Music

Pulsar is a premium album, meaning that it is only available on ASX, Audiosocket’s premium arm. We don’t blame you if you also want to use it on your best media projects! Please contact us to license this pre-cleared, premium music at

Don’t forget that The Red Collective can also create bespoke, custom music, so let us know if you’re interested!

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