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Welcome to another Friday of more brand-new music. Today we bring you a very special release. This cinematic vocal LP is a collaboration between our in-house production collaboration The Red Collective and our exclusive artist Jetty Rae and Mitch Dane. The album is out now and is available for streaming and licensing. So, stick with us to hear all about how the collaboration happened!

All About Together We Rise

Together We Rise is an Experimental Alt Pop album with a unique cinematic take by the duo. It evokes the darkest and brightest nuances fit for a trailer, whilst being true to their usual work and crystalizing Jetty’s voice in a way that will fill any room. The tracks are deep, full of meaning and sentiment.  At the same time, they’re highly empowering, often with a catchy stomp-clapping combo for the perfect sing-along.

This is yet another album that showcases TRC’s incredible composition and production qualities, fit for the award-winning big screen.

Our Single Picks

Although we’re super inspired by every track on this album, we selected some highlights for you:

  • Path To The Wild by The Red Collective & erloom. Although this single is not part of the Jetty album itself on your favorite streaming platforms, it introduces the LP in an empowering and captivating way. It’s sensual yet epic, victorious, smokey, powerful and meaningful, perfect for branding spots and female-led dramas.
  • Together We Rise Goosebumps will come when you hear Jetty’s vocal strength in this anthemic song, making it perfect for the hero meets end of the world trailer.
  • Bite The Bullet This is a haunting mysterious trailer track filled with the most chilly ASMR sounds, making it perfect for psychological thrillers and yearning romance with a dark twist.
  • Gloves Come Off This one takes the anger and resentment to a revenge level. She sings “I’m ready to fight and face my fears” proudly bolstering confidence and determination. Perfect for Female-led dramas and champion-crowning sport promos.

Who Is The Red Collective?

The Red Collective is made up of an innovative group of elite producers and writers. Born out of Covid-19 as a way to support our artist community in a creative way during lockdown, The Red Collective has only gotten stronger. 

It all started when our premium arm ASX hosted a “Writing for Sync” Masterclass which paired artists in collaborative pods. Hip Hop artists found themselves working with cinematic orchestrators and DJ’s found themselves paired with songwriters. The artists found value in the community and collaborations and their dynamic output was nothing shy of epic. And so, The Red Collective was born! The team creates within small pods, with each member of the “pod” bringing their own unique skill to the collaboration. This means there’s a wide range of styles and a mix of various talents and skill sets to bring your creative vision to life!

Who Is Jetty Rae?

Jetty Rae is an indie folk American singer-songwriter from Springfield, Oregon. Known for her ethereal voice, delicate attention to performance subtly, and sincere delivery, Jetty’s voice has been compared with the voices of Noah Jones,  Amy Winehouse and even Adele! Her music has also conquered the fans of Neko Case, Lera Lynn, Ingrid Michaelson, and Colbie Caillat.

Jetty Rae adopted the name of her grandmother’s – Jetty Rae Thom, who was a full-blooded Karuk Native American and was known for her nomadic lifestyle, her propensity to want to be outdoors, and for battling mental illnesses, including schizophrenia. Jetty now follows a similar lifestyle to her grandmother’s while composing music.

In 2009, Jetty garnered the attention of JetBlue, playing at the opening of their new Terminal at JFK Airport. A year later, she was hand-selected by Sarah McLachlan and Terry McBride as a featured artist to perform at Lilith Fair. Jetty has then shared the stage with Sarah McLachlan, Miranda Lambert, and Grace Potter at numerous locations, and performed in The Music Hall of Williamsburg in Brooklyn, The Grand Traverse Opera House, DTE Energy Center, Big Ticket Festival, and many more.

Jetty Rae has had various sync placements with global brands such as Microsoft, Petco, Nabi Tablet, Truvia, Saxo Bank, Ben and Jerry’s and Amazon. MTV has also selected Jetty’s work for their “Needle In A Haystack” feature.

Who Is Mitch Dane?

Mitch Dane is an American record producer, musician, and songwriter from Cape Girardeau, Missouri. He has worked with artists such as Jars of Clay, JJ Heller, Brandon Heath, Jetty Rae, Sonia Leigh, The Blind Boys of Alabama, The Young Fables, Ole Lonesome, Kenny Foster and many others. Mitch was awarded a Grammy by the Recording Academy for his work on Jars of Clay’s 11th Hour , and nominated for Grammys for his work on four other albums. Additionally, the producer also received ASCAP’s “Most Played Song” award for “Nothing Without You”, co-written with Bebo Norman.

How did The Red Collective, Jetty Rae and Mitch Dane collaboration happen?

Jetty and Mitch are long-time collaborators, composing and producing together, including two releases under Jetty Rae’s name. Jetty’s music has been licensed exclusively by Audiosocket and this relationship was strengthened when Jetty and Mitch teamed up with a veteran trailer music composer to create an album of music designed for Film & TV, which would later become part of The Red Collective repertoire.

Together We Rise Is Great, How Do I License It?

 ASX, Audiosocket’s premium arm

Together We Rise is a premium album, meaning that it is only available on ASX, Audiosocket’s premium arm. We don’t blame you if you also want to use it on your best media projects! Please contact us to license this pre-cleared, premium music at

Don’t forget that The Red Collective can also create bespoke, custom music, so let us know if you’re interested!

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