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We have some exciting news to announce! Our brand-new production collaboration ‘The Red Collective’ has launched, and we can’t wait to tell you all about it. At ASX, we strive to create unique experiences and enrich your vision as a creator. If you’re looking for a remarkable music partner and collaborator to create bespoke music for any project, you’ve come to the right place.

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What Is The Red Collective?

The Red Collective is an innovative, collaborative group of elite producers and writers. This production collective will blow your mind with authentic and original bespoke music for ad agencies, trailer houses, music supervisors and more! The team creates within small pods, with each member of the “pod” bringing their own unique skill to the collaboration. This means there’s a wide range of styles and a mix of various talents and skill sets to bring your creative vision to life!

So, why red? Well, red is the color of fire and blood, hunger and energy, strength and power. It’s with this passion that The Red Collective create show-stopping works that take projects to the next level. The collective go above and beyond the usual methods of creation, as seen in our mantra:

“We create like children.

We refine like scientists.

We let go like warriors.

We act on our dreams.

We embrace artistic vulnerability.

We value the formula, but dare to break it.

TOGETHER, we are unstoppable!”

How Will The Red Collective Help Creators?

Often, creators struggle to find a single go-to source for outstanding, original music across genres. TRC is a trusted partner that can master any custom musical need while capturing the authenticity of a live performance. We all know that music can make or break films, advertisements and more, and finding exactly what you need can be a super long and tiresome process. The team can write to any brief, craft specific, bespoke tracks and provide remarkable production music for any project.

Tell Me More About ASX!

asx audiosocket the red collective production collective collaboration music

The collective is the brainchild of ASX, where A-List Hollywood composers come together with the hottest indie bands and artists to craft mind-blowing, authentic film, game, advertising and TV music. As a full-service boutique, we offer a unique set of custom music services and access to a growing catalog of diverse labels with over 10,000 tracks. Our artists and composers have graced the Billboard Charts with #1 Remixes, skyrocketed multiple tracks into HypeMachine’s Top 10, scored music for long-running Network TV Shows, have toured the world, sharing stages with the likes of Bob Dylan, Sting, Snakehips, Brett Dennen, The Beach Boys and more.

Unlike the limitations provided by generic stock music, ASX’s tracks are written, recorded and produced by real artists working in the industry. By offering real artists a chance to get their music into TV and Film, ASX has built relationships from the ground up with the intention of providing excellent music and ensuring that artists receive fair treatment. With their new similarity search technology, ASX are truly changing the game and creating innovative options for creators all over the globe.

ASX’s goal has always been to provide top quality music in the most efficient way possible. The Red Collective helps to achieve this by allowing media makers of all types to reduce the time they spend looking for music, make it as unique and bespoke as possible, and make it the best quality!

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