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Friday is the best day of the week for many reasons – but mostly because it means more brand-new, exclusive music from Audiosocket! Make way for another incredible release that we think you’ll love. This mind blowing new track from The Killer Wails is now available to license, so keep reading to hear all about it!

About The Killer Wails & ‘Rough Riders’

What do you get if you combine bluesy, crunchy lo-fi retro guitars with powerful punk vines? The Killer Wails, of course!

The Killer Wails hail from Los Angeles, California and dominate with their indie flair, banging bonham-style drums and thick, fuzzy basslines. ‘Rough Riders’ is a track that demands your attention instantly, with a gritty and inherently cool vibe that tempts you in. The track has anthemic energy, rocking guitars and driving drums, and is one not to be missed!

This New Music Is Great, How Do I License It?

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If you love this track and want to use it in your project (we don’t blame you!), then head here to license this and other new music.

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