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The team at Audiosocket have some exciting news to announce! We’ve launched our brand-new AI similarity search, which allows creators to find the perfect track in literally seconds (ta-da!). If you want to find similar tracks to your favorite songs without having to describe, search or narrow down, we’ve got you covered. Want to hear more and test it out? Let’s jump into our new music search!

What Is Our New Similarity Search & How Does It Work?

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Our new technology means that you can now find similar music to your favorite songs by pasting a YouTube or Spotify URL to search our catalog. This search analyzes all of our tracks (and there are tens of thousands) and delivers super accurate, similar sounding tracks in an instant. Gone are the days of tags, keywords and metadata, or spending hours rifling through questionable quality music!

How Does This Music Search Help Creators?

After tons of customer interviews and product testing, we found that a common problem among creators: searching for music takes too much time. As the saying goes, “time is money,” and few of us have enough of either. So we’re introducing a game-changing solution to leave you with more of both!

Often, creators find it difficult to describe the songs they like. Or, they fall in love with a famous song but are unable to pay the expensive licensing fees. At this point, you’re stuck if you want to license these tracks for your content.

Word-based searches also fall short because there is no mutually-agreed upon language to describe music. Moods like ‘Aggressive’, ‘Happy’ or ‘Romantic’ mean different things to different people. Searching like this means that you have to put into words exactly what you’re looking for, and still are not guaranteed great results. This leads to hours spent rifling through music that doesn’t meet expectations… and who wants to do that?!

So, we’ve found a way to solve all of these problems with our new similarity search. Our new AI enables you to find highly-accurate similar songs quickly and easily with just a few clicks, streamlining the process and saving you thousands of hours per year. Click here to try it out!

All About Audiosocket

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Audiosocket is a music licensing company that lives to help you find and license great music in the easiest way possible. Unlike generic stock music, our tracks are written, recorded and produced by trending indie bands, DJ’s and Hollywood composers.

Long story short, we started out in 2008. By 2011, we had changed the game by introducing MaaS (Music-as-a-Service). This was a micro licensing platform that offered the first ever personal licenses online. If we do say so ourselves, this solved a range of problems. These include needing attorneys to navigate licensing agreements, large budgets or label assistance.

Our subscription plans start from just $15 for single creators, and $69 for small businesses. What’s even better is that this allows you unlimited access to all of our tracks and sound designs (yes, really!) If you want to see our music in action, check out our placements and hear what Vice Media had to say:

“Audiosocket never fails to supply awesome tunes for any kind of project I may be working on. Great music with quick, easy & friendly service all around!” Jackie Palazzolo, Vice Media

If it’s taken you this long to decide to try out our awesome new tool, then don’t miss out and head here!

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