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The process of creating movies is fascinating, with so many people working together to bring incredible visions to life on our screens. You may be surprised at just how many people are involved in creating the films we know and love. Want to find out more about what roles are in a film crew? Keep reading!

roles in a film crew what is a film crew

What Is A Film Crew?

Firstly, let’s cover the basics. The word ‘crew’ is banded around often, so let’s clarify exactly what a film crew is.

A film crew is essentially a group of people who work together to create and produce a movie. The crew is different to the cast, which includes those in front of the camera such as the actors. A film crew spans various different departments, and each role has different responsibilities. The film crew works for the production company, who own either part of the film studio or the film’s intellectual property rights.

Roles In A Film Crew

roles within a film crew what role are there in a film crew

Depending on the size of the production, the amount of roles within a film crew may vary. Let’s take a look at the most essential roles in a film crew that will be found on almost every film crew.


We all know this one. The director is pretty much in charge of everything. They are the visionary that brings the project to life, including coaching actors, selecting the score and overseeing creative elements. The director is mainly responsible for overseeing the shooting and construction of a film. The director works at the center of the film’s production, but is linked with many others who assist them.


This person essentially leads the group and manages the production from start to finish. Producers develop the project from the initial idea to finalizing the script, arranging financing and managing the production team. They also coordinate the filmmaking process to ensure that everybody is working on schedule and on budget.

Assistant Director

Surprisingly, the Assistant Director (AD) doesn’t help the director with the actor’s performance or advise on camera placement. The AD actually manages on-set activities such as communication between departments, scheduling and time management. They ensure that all departments know what is happening and what scene or shot should be prepared. AD’s also focus a lot on safety and scheduling.

Camera Department

camera department in a film crew

The director of photography (DoP) or Cinematographer is responsible for capturing the movie. This role will pay close attention to lighting, technical aspects and working using filming techniques and manipulation to achieve the visual aesthetic required. This is referred to as cinematography.

Other roles within this department include Camera Operators, Steadicam Operators, Camera Assistants, Digital Imaging Technicians and more.

Sound Department

The sound department in a film crew is headed up by the Production Sound Mixer. Their job is to monitor sound levels from different microphones, look at placement and so on to ensure the dialogue is clear. Other roles within this department include Boom Operators, Sound Assistants and more.

Lighting Department

film crew roles lighting department movies films

This department is led by the chief lighting technician, or ‘gaffer’. The gaffer is the head electrician on set, and works with the DoP to create lighting setups. The gaffer will help the DoP decide which lights are most suitable, how many are needed, any gels or diffusion and so on. They also have a whole team of electricians to assist them, so the lighting department can get pretty big!

Art Department

The art department works within the creative visual elements of the film, including costume design, set design, sourcing props and more. Within this department, there are specific roles such as the Production Designer, Art Director and more. Each of these roles work together to make what’s on camera look as authentic and believable as possible, and to visually present it well.


There are also others that are essential to the filmmaking process, such as Editors, Screenwriters and more. Screenwriters carefully craft the dialogue for the actors, and shape the events to ensure that scene transitions are smooth and clear. If there is no script, there is no movie!

Editors involve a lot of different people that work on the film’s footage. Shortly after shooting begins, the editor will begin organizing footage and arranging shots into sequences. The editor’s choices about which shots are used, and the order in which to place them, have a profound effect on the final film.

Final Thoughts

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We hope you enjoyed our brief overview of some roles found within a film crew. Film crews can span thousands of employees, all working together as cogs in a machine to ensure the smooth delivery of films. Sadly, we couldn’t cover all roles within a film crew, but we hope that you enjoyed our run down of some main roles. To find out what Music Supervisors do within movie production, check out our article!

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