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Knowledge is power, and one of the best ways to share knowledge is via the platform of YouTube. With millions of filmmaking YouTube channels around, there is no shortage of tips, tricks, guides and more to help out both beginner and experienced filmmakers with technique, storytelling, using equipment and more. So, we decided to tell you which ones we think will help the most. Let’s get started on our top cinematography and filmmaking YouTube Channels you should check out!

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Cinematography & Filmmaking YouTube Channels You Should Subscribe To

Without further ado, it’s time to share our top picks for cinematography and filmmaking YouTube Channel for beginners and pros alike. Here we go!

General Cinematography & Filmmaking

Brandon Li

brandon li youtube filmmaking cinematography youtube channels to subscribe to filmmaking tips

Brandon Li’s channel has an impressive 455,000 subscribers – featuring filmmaking help and advice, gear information and videography best practices (for travel videography, for example). He describes himself as “a nomadic filmmaker on an endless world tour” – and if you’re an aspiring filmmaker, we think you should join him on his journey!

Some of Brandon’s videos include ‘Video Frame Rates: What You Need To Know’, ‘Improving Your Camera Movement’ and more. He has also started his own film school and community entitled Unscripted Studio.

This Guy Edits

Behind This Guy Edits is Sven Pape, an American Cinema Editors (ACE) award nominated editor. In his channel, he analyzes film and video editing techniques, including popular features such as Dunkirk, Whiplash and Interstellar. Alongside these analyses, his channel also shares videos such as ‘How To Land A Film Editing Job’, ‘Same Scene, Different Cut’, ‘Documentary Filmmaking’ and more!

Sven has worked with big names such as James Cameron, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and James Franco, so it’s safe to say he can back up his knowledge!

Rob Ellis

rob ellis youtube cinematography filmmaking youtube channels cinematic shots videography

Rob Ellis is a celebrated cinematographer based in the UK, who creates beautiful cinematography, and shares guides, cinematic tutorials, behind the scenes footage and more on his YouTube channel. He uses showstopping creative techniques to show creators ways of using lighting, for example, to impact emotion in a scene.

Some of Rob’s videos include ‘What Is Temp Love In Filmmaking?‘, ‘Cinematic Lighting With One Light’ and ‘Cinematic Lighting With The GVM 800D’.

Stewart & Alina / Filmmaking Photography Drones

Filmmaking Photography Drones is a YouTube channel dedicated to providing helpful drone photography and videography advice. Whatever drone brand you fly, this channel pushes you to make the most of your equipment to produce beautiful, cinematic results.

Some videos include ‘DJI FPV – Is The Camera Any Good?’, ‘Buying An External SSD For Video Editing In 2021’ and ‘DJI Mini 2 – 7 Tips For Epic Cinematic Quick Shots’.

Griffin Hammond

griffin hammond videography youtube channel indie filmmaker tips content creation

Based in New York City, Griffin Hammond creates DIY filmmaking tutorials for aspiring and indie filmmakers. Some popular uploads include ‘How To Shoot A Time Lapse’, ‘What Is 10-Bit 4:2:2?’ and ‘The Four Ingredients Of Documentary Film’. His award-winning documentary Sriracha (2013) made waves in the indie documentary scene, winning multiple awards at film festivals and so on.

Indie Film Hustle

If you want to know more about the film industry one video at a time, this is the channel for you. Featuring cinematography tips, equipment reviews, screenwriting tips and more, Indie Film Hustle has everything you need.

Some videos include ‘Psychology For Screenwriters’ and ‘How To Avoid A Bad Distribution Deal, and each video features a different expert to discuss their experiences, advice and more. New videos are posted every week, and the channel currently has over 61,000 subscribers.

Matti Haapoja

matti haapoja filmmaker youtube channel indie filmmakers tips for filmmakers youtubers

Matti Haapoja, an Ontario-based filmmaker, has amassed millions of subscribers to his filmmaking YouTube channel. Originally from Finland, Matti’s channel focuses on inspiring viewers through video. Matti travels to various new places, shares his extensive filmmaking knowledge and more. Having collaborated with global brands like Nike, San Pellegrino and Visit Norway, Matti has tons of wisdom to share, with videos such as ‘$6000 Pro Camera Vs iPhone 12 Pro Max’, ‘Finally, A Cinematic Beginner Drone’ and more.

Phillip Bloom

Phillip Bloom is one of the bigger indie filmmakers on the scene, with 232,000 subscribers. His content is top quality, and he uses every day life to help inspire, teach and share. Great for inspiration and motivation as well as for indie filmmakers starting out, this channel features reviews, tests, guides and tips.

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