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So, you’ve written a film script that you’re sure is going to take the world by storm. We’re sure that as a future filmmaker, you are excited and ready to get your film made! However, there are some important steps to take to get film scripts onto the big screen. Don’t panic – we’re here to guide you on what to do once your film script is finished. Let’s get started!

film script what to do once you've finished your film script

Film Scripts: What To Do Next

Proofread & Get Feedback

Don’t underestimate the power of proofreading! Read through your ‘final draft’ multiple times on different days, and ask somebody with sharp eyes to proofread your script, too.

Then, pass it to a few different people to read and encourage honest feedback and advice. Ask specific questions around the dialogue, any exposition issues, whether actors will enjoy the characters and so on. You can also hire somebody to read through and give you feedback if you’d prefer professional advice. Then, rewrite the script incorporating the feedback you received. Make sure that the script feels finished and not like a draft. Also, remember that rewriting and revisions are as much of a skill as writing in the first place.

Keep Connected Via Socials

social media film scripts how to use social media for filmmakers

These days, social media goes a long way. If you are crowdfunding, having a social media presence will definitely help. It will allow followers to see your progress, submit funding and more. The bigger your following, the more people will you reach, so keep on top of your social media presence throughout the process.

Scheduling & Budgeting The Script

Whatever your budget is, you need to hire a producer within your budget range. Ask around for recommendations, or you could even ask a bond company. Once you have found the right person for the job, sit down with them and plan out what you need to do. List what connections you’ll to make in order to reel in your crew and gear. You could always handle the budget yourself – but don’t underestimate what a big role this is and everything that goes into it.

Rewrite The Script Based On Budget & Schedule

rewriting a film script for your budget and schedule tips

If there are certain scenes that affect the budget or raise it significantly that you can live without, you may need to rewrite them. You need to align your budget with your ideas, and make sure everything is to scale. Try to remain objective and realize that some things may have to give.


Next, you should make a cast list and try to find a casting director. You may need to raise funds beforehand to pay the casting director a fee. If you want to look for new actors that are fresh on the scene, now is the time to start your open calls. You can also consult with local casting directors on street casting and get involved with the right communities to find what you’re looking for.

Sending Your Film Script To Producers

Unless you are producing the screenplay yourself, you will need to find a producer. One avenue to explore is finding an up and coming or new producer. They will take up less of your budget, and you could help to add to their credits and give them some exposure.


funding how to get funding for your film script

Securing funding can be extremely hard work, and is very important your film. You should try to secure investments or sponsorship from companies, have already applied for grants, consider crowdfunding and find donations where possible. Share your fundraising efforts with people via social media and encourage people to help in exchange for small tokens such as merchandise, for example. Consider also creating mood reels or a visual look book. These include short reels of scenes from other films (or even your own test footage) edited to suggest the tone of your movie. For more information on working on a budget, check out our article.

Find Collaborators

You will need a team to create your film, such as a DoP, editor and so on. Do your research into finding the right people and agree on payment within your budget. Ask around, put out ads or reach out to the community for suggestions and find somebody who aligns with your vision and work ethic.

Other Support For Filmmakers

There is a lot of support for filmmakers out there, from Sundance Labs to Tribeca’s All Access Program and more. These can help you to refine your vision, find connections and even find some financing. Be sure to check out our articles too, including trends and tips for filmmaking!

How Audiosocket Can Help

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