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If you’re working hard to create great content for your YouTube channel, you want to make sure it is gaining traction. There are lots of tactics that YouTube creators can use to reach more viewers and help their channel to reach its full potential. Let’s take a look at some tactics and ideas for you YouTube creators to include in your marketing strategy!

Tactics & Ideas For YouTube Creators

tactics and ideas for youtube creators social media blogging podcasts collaboration


Podcasting is another way to get viewers interested in you and what you have to say. It can serve as either additional content for existing fans, or could even bring people to your Youtube channel who didn’t know you before. Some ideas for podcast content could be:

  • Q&A’s and interviews
  • News and updates
  • Extended versions of your videos (for example, if you tell stories on your YouTube often, maybe give extended versions)

Social Media

social media tips for youtube content creators how to use social media for marketing

Having social media is one thing, but maximizing its potential is another. You should be promoting your content and coming up with inventive ways to widen your fan base and attract people to your channel. Some ideas for content that can help YouTube creators includes:

  • Snippets and teasers to YouTube videos
  • Behind the scenes footage
  • Interviews and Q&A’s
  • Posts and polls that encourage content suggestions from your audience

Be consistent with your posting, and check your insights to keep track of what is working well with your audience. Research the differences between different platforms, as what works great on Instagram may not be so successful on Twitter, for example.


Blogging is a great way to climb the ranks on search engines such as Google. Having a YouTube presence alone isn’t maximizing your marketing potential! Blogs allow you to promote your video content, and go into extra detail that may be difficult to fit into your videos. You can link to your blog in your video descriptions, and to your videos in your blog posts. Here are some blog post ideas:

  • Behind the scenes info
  • Interviews
  • You could even write what you have learned as a content creator to help others

Make sure to download an SEO plugin such as Yoast. These plugins will analyze your blog posts and tell you how to maximize the SEO for ultimate exposure and presence.


youtube creators collaboration on youtube videos ideas for content

There are a lot of collaborations between YouTube content creators, and for good reason. This allows both parties to gain new fans from the other’s subscriber lists. If possible, collaborating with somebody that has a few more subscribers than yourself would be great for gaining traction. However, be realistic!

Be sure to plan what your objectives are, and make sure that both parties know what is happening. Discuss how credit will be given, when it will be posted and so on. You can reach out to YouTube creators by emailing the address in their ‘About’ section, or even contacting them on social media.

How Audiosocket Can Help

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