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Twitch is becoming one of the most popular platforms around in 2020. Offering creators the chance to build large audiences, Twitch has launched many gaming, music and various other types of channels to stardom. So, what is Twitch and how can you become a Twitch streamer? Let’s take a look!

how to become a twitch streamer

How Does Twitch Work?

Twitch is a platform built for gathering an active and engaged audience for livestreaming. This could be as a gamer, musician or general creator. When audiences tune into a channel, they see their live content. Users can respond in real time and creators can monetize their content with various types of subscriptions.

What Do I Need To Create Content On Twitch?

Similarly to becoming a YouTuber, there is some equipment that you will need to begin streaming on Twitch. This doesn’t have to break the bank, though!

You will firstly need a computer (or even a smartphone). Other items that you may need includes:

  • A decent quality webcam
  • Microphone to ensure top quality audio for your videos
  • Access to a streaming service such as Open Broadcasting System (OBS) or Xsplit. There is also Twitch Studio. This is Twitch’s free streaming software designed for new streamers to create and share content.

How To Set Up A Twitch Stream

how to set up a twitch stream guide for twitch streamers

When setting up your Twitch account, you should have a clear idea of what it is that you want to stream. You will need to essentially build a hub for your livestreaming community, communicate your brand and reel viewers in.

To begin, simply fill out your profile settings. Similarly to social media, this includes a channel description, profile picture, bio, username and so on. On the Channel Page, you can set a cover image and customize your stream design. The Channel Info Bar allows creators to give viewers certain information also, such as the streaming schedule, archived videos and a chat room. In regards to other personalization, Twitch creators can customize their stream with Panels. These are graphics that organize information for both the creator and the audience.

Monetizing Your Twitch Stream

how to monetize your twitch stream how to earn money from twitch

It is possible to make money as a Twitch creator. Firstly, you have to receive an invitation from Twitch in order to monetize. There are a few different routes, so let’s take a look.

Affiliate Route

In this route, a Twitch streamer is invited or applies to become an Affiliate. Twitch says that “Qualified streamers will be invited via email, Notification, and an announcement in their dashboard”. In order to quality, a creator has to reach:

  • At least 50 followers
  • Minimum 500 total minutes broadcast
  • 7 unique broadcast days
  • An average of 3 or more concurrent viewers

When a streamer becomes an affiliate, they gain access to subscribers through fees of $4.99, $9.99, $24.99, and the Twitch Prime free subscription. As an affiliate, you can also earn Bits, which are virtual goods that you can buy on Twitch. They allow you to show support for streamers, get attention in chat with emoticons, gain badges, leaderboards and so on.

The downside is that it takes a lot of dedication to build your audience. Also, Affiliates aren’t qualified to make money on channel ads.

Partner Route

A great route is to make the jump from Affiliate to Partner. As part of the Twitch Partnership Program, Partners can offer audiences the same subscription tiers and receive income from ads. You don’t have to have been an Affiliate first, but Twitch does recommend it.

How Audiosocket Can Help Twitch Streamers

audiosocket music licensing company where to find money for twitch livestreams

Being a Twitch streamer means committing to creating outstanding videos and building a satisfied audience. This can be achieved by creating professional, engaging content – and that includes using quality music.

Your best option is to license your music properly through a company such as Audiosocket. Starting at $10 a month, you can have unlimited access to over 80,000 tracks! With various genres and moods, it couldn’t be easier to find music to match the content in your live streams. Get started now!

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