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After all of the excitement and anticipation of the election, we’re ready to kick back with some great music. If you’re ready for cinematic adventure, holiday ballads and pop/rock feels, you’re in the right place. Let’s take a look at our new music!


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Echo – Pure Top 40 Pop vocal perfection, with some seriously soulful R&B elements and nods to the rock Gods. Perfect for the air waves or for film.

Love Don’t Work Like That – One word: anthemic. This track features bouncy pop guitars, soaring vocals, tribal melodic mallet synethsizer melodies and an obscenely loud rock synth lead. LDWLT has an empowering vibe, catchy riffs and pure pop magic.

Let It Go – A hefty 808 slam combined with beautiful, mysterious vocals. Sounds like it shouldn’t work, but it really does. The ethereal vibe of the intro is tastefully replaced by the most serious, in-your-face 808 I’ve witnessed in quite some time. It’s bold, it’s sexy and leaves you wanting more!

Until The Sunrise – We have been graced by the emo Gods, and they have come wrapped in a package of heavy guitars, scorching synth leads and extravagant percussion sequences full of epic cinematic percussion. There are some serious vocal chops here as well, with high-fly pop hooks and evocative harmonies.


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Mad Science – The frenetic and chaotic robotic happenings of this intro perfectly sum up the emotional rollercoaster that 2020 has been. Of course, this piece evolves from a chaotic and anxious opening to a smooth and sultry 808 beat jam. It’s full of epic percussion, a catchy stomp clap groove and a seriously thick and wobbly sub-bass. Full strings and massive orchestral percussion intertwined with the sounds of R&B and Hip Hop…simply perfect.

Nocturne – I’m immediately whisked away on a cinematic adventure; high above the tree tops, flying into the jungle on my next military mission. This glorious and epic Hollywood adventure is full of big chord blasts, lush symphonic strings and an army of bombastic drums.

2 Hearts – 2 Hearts features meaty industrial distortion bellowing from the bass, combined with an epic drum machine, chuggy rock guitar riffs and pitched tuned vocals. I could hear this in a racing game, or as a character in a movie like “Drive”.

Jetty Rae

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Welcome Home – It’s that time of year again! Yes really, Christmas is almost here. Welcome Home brings back the vibes of being around the family fireplace. This heartfelt and sincere holiday ballad is sure to instill all the warm feelings and nostalgic memories of hot chocolate, presents under the tree and avoiding your crazy uncle.

I Want To Listen!

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An excellent choice. To give yourself the gift of all of these amazing tracks, head to our brand new playlist. Enjoy!

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