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Video marketing and content marketing are truly taking over as the preferred method of communication between customers and businesses, so it’s important to keep in the loop. Videos are an engaging and powerful medium, and are accessible to everybody – from small businesses to large global brands. Businesses no longer need large budgets or production teams to create great videos, so there’s no excuse not to dive in. In this article, we’ll look at some ideas for video marketing for businesses – so let’s get started!

video marketing for businesses ideas for videos small business

Why Does My Business Need To Use Video Marketing?

Video dominates a lot of our world in 2021 – from social media to television ads, YouTube videos and more. Therefore, video marketing is also on the rise, with billions of brands turning to video marketing to engage better with audiences, generate brand awareness and entertain and educate viewers. With social media platforms such as Instagram looking to become entirely video based, and the most successful global brands turning their attention to video, it’s time to get into video marketing – or get left behind.

Video is the favorite content type of consumers, and video content is highly expected in 2021. 44% of people watch five or more videos online every single day, making it an invaluable medium to communicate with your audience. In fact, a whopping 90% of consumers reported that video helps them to make buying decisions, and 64% say that watching a video increases the chances of them buying a product.

Types / Ideas For Video Marketing For Businesses

1. Brand Videos

brand video ideas video marketing for businesses small business tips

Brand videos are usually used as part of a larger advertising campaign. They can be used on social media, websites and so on to generate brand awareness, introduce the company and talk about their products or services. These can informal introductions, or more corporate video productions.

2. Educational Videos & How-To’s

Educational videos and how-tos are a great way to educate your target audience, create trust and keep them coming back for more.

These videos can show customers how to get the most out of the company’s products, give knowledge within the industry or field, and generate a stronger relationship with both potential and existing customers.

3. Event Videos & Live Videos

event video marketing live events video marketing small business

If your business holds or participates in events such as networking events or conferences, event videos are a brilliant way to show a video of the highlights.

Similarly, live videos hosted on sites such as YouTube, Instagram, Twitter or Facebook allow viewers to engage in events – but in real-time. This allows you to promote interviews, events, presentations and so much more. Live video also has higher engagement rates, with viewers spending up to 8x longer watching live video that video on-demand.

4. Case Studies & Testimonials

Businesses can tell customers how great they are until they’re blue in the face, but it’s what other customers think that holds a lot of weight. Case studies and testimonials help legitimize your company’s claims, increase social proof and influence potential buyers into purchasing. It builds trust in the company, shows off what your products or services can do and shows that your customers are a solidified and satisfied network.

5. Animated Videos

Animated videos are the perfect way to explain tricky or abstract concepts, breaking them down in a way that is both engaging and entertaining.

These types of videos can help with engagement, problem-solving and are a great way to get creative with your video marketing.

6. Interviews

interview video marketing small business marketing social media video

Interviews are another great way to let your audience get to know the company’s mission statement, values and see who’s behind the curtain. Interviewing industry leaders can also provide educational content whilst bringing in good engagement in the same way that influencer marketing does.

7. Demo Videos

Similarly to educational videos and how-tos, demo videos inform and intrigue the audience – but in this instance, you’re showcasing your product specifically.

Demo videos go a little deeper than explainer videos, pushing potential customers further into the sales funnel. These types of video marketing highlight all the benefits of using your products or services, and usually include a call-to-action to encourage viewers to commit.

8. Personalized Messages

In 2021, a lot more brands are trying out personalized messages in response to customer service requests or inquiries.

These personalized messages are more impactful than an email response, FAQ’s page or live chat, as they are more visually appealing, connect with the customer and take the time to show them resolutions. This type of video is memorable and will help you stand out in your field.

Final Thoughts

Video is an extremely dominant part of social media and branding in 2021, and creating a wide range of video marketing content will help boost everything from engagement to sales and more. We hope you enjoyed our ideas for videos, and let us know if you have any more ideas for great video marketing!

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