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Content creators and influencers can often get confused, with the imaginary Venn diagram for the two overlapping in many places. So, what exactly are the differences, and is it possible to be both? Let’s take a look at content creators vs influencers!

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Content Creators Vs Influencers: What’s The Difference?

Influencers… Influence

It seems obvious, but influencers are classified by their ability to (you guessed it) influence. This doesn’t necessarily relate to their follower count, but their ability to hold weight with their audience. Micro influencers, for example (those with less than 100k followers) are tastemakers in their field, sharing tips and recommendations with their engaged audiences.

Influencers generate awareness and drive click through for brands or advertisers that they partner up with, gaining followers due to notoriety, trust, interest and appreciation of their tips, opinions and thoughts. Creators, on the other hand, usually build a following from their expression, talents and passions.


Both influencers and content creators are creative, curating high quality content and work for audiences to enjoy. However, creators may have smaller audiences, and focus more on the creation process itself as an art form as opposed to driving engagement.

Some content creators do have huge audiences, which is why the lines can sometimes get a little blurred. However, you’re less likely to find content creators selling merch with their faces on, focusing on their work and craft more than promoting themselves as a public personality.

Different Mediums

Content creator vs influencer what is content creation social media digital marketing

Content creators is a wide term, and can be used in relation to creators who make:

… and more!

However, influencers (for the most part) are more social media based, sharing products, giving reviews, recommendations and helping brands generate awareness. As mentioned earlier, it is possible to be both a content creator and influencer, or to move from being a creator to an influencer once your audience grows, branching out to other mediums.


Loosely speaking, influencers often establish themselves with the intention of working with brands or advertisers for marketing purposes. Whereas (some might argue) that creators begin creating for the means of self-expression rather than the promise of earning money.

Content creators may help support with work by teaming up with advertisers – but usually without it compromising or changing their work. Influencers, however, will work with brands specifically to create engagement and make their brand or product look good, sharing it with fans of theirs via good reviews, social media posts and so on.

How They Work With Brands

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Another difference between creators and influencers are how they work with brands. Both can partner with brands, but the way in which they approach campaigns may be different.

For example, a brand wanting to generate interest in a new product may hire a team of content creators to do tasks such as:

  • Creating infographics
  • Making social media posts
  • Writing product descriptions
  • Working on designs
  • Website content
  • Making ads, trailers, Instagram videos and other promotional material

Whereas the same brand may work with an influencer in order to receive:

  • Promotional videos of the influencer using or talking about the product
  • Images of the influencer using the product
  • Promotional deals for the influencer’s followers

Final Thoughts & How Audiosocket Can Help

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As mentioned earlier, it is possible to see yourself as both a content creator and influencer. In 2021, fluidity is key, and people are much more resistant to labels and categorizing themselves as just one thing. It is also possible to begin as a content creator, and developing into an influencer through years of hard work, creating a large audience that appreciate your recommendations, tutorials and guidance.

Whether you see yourself as a creator or an influencer, creating high quality content is paramount. That includes having amazing music to accompany your creations – and that’s where we can help!

If you are looking for authentic, top-quality music for your creations, why not check out Audiosocket? Your content deserves the best, so sign up today and access over 85,000 songs, sound effects & sound design to bring your vision to life!

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