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As content creators, using music in your YouTube videos can be a bit of a pain. Risking copyright infringement simply isn’t worth it, and you could lose your channel, and have a black mark against you and your content. That’s why it is important to understand YouTube music policy, music copyright and how it all works so that you can use music responsibly!

Youtube music policy how does it work music copyright

What Is Music Copyright?

Music copyright exists to protect creatives. It ensures that creators receive royalties and credit, and that people can’t reuse their work without your permission. This is great for creatives but unfortunately means that content creators can’t just use any track they like in your videos.

How Does YouTube’s Content ID System Work?

Essentially, content ID is a massive database full of files. YouTube then uses this information to find copyrighted materials, and alerts content owners to copyright infringement. If you are a music creator, you can upload your files to YouTube’s content ID to alert them that you own these files. If they are then used without your permission, YouTube will flag this for you. Once notified, your options are:

  • To block the video that is using your content
  • Monetize the video by running ads on it and receiving ad revenue
  • Track the video to receive data such as the number of views and where they are located

Let’s say for example that you have explicit permission to use a track, but YouTube has flagged it as copyright infringement. You can dispute the claim, and YouTube gives the content creator 30 days to respond and agree that you have permission.

YouTube Music Policy & Dealing With Copyright Infringement

Youtube music policy copyright infringment music copyright

If a creator sees a video that is using their content without their permission, they can submit a copyright infringement notice to YouTube. The video will then be taken down and YouTube will contact the uploader of the video.

If this happens, the uploader will receive a strike against their YouTube channel. These disappear after 90 days, as long they go through YouTube’s copyright school. If they receive three strikes within this period, YouTube can terminate the account.

What Music Can You Use?

To avoid copyright issues, you either need to license the music correctly or use music without copyright. Music without copyright (because it has expired) exists in the public domain, but the choices are limited and you need to do your research. You can also use music from Creative Commons and license it. YouTube also has its own audio library which you can use music from.

Or, your last option will save you money, time and allow you to browse top quality music for your YouTube videos. This option is to use a music licensing company that takes care of the copyright side for you!

How Audiosocket Can Help

AudiosAocket music licensing company youtube videos content creators

Your best option is to license your music properly through a company such as Audiosocket. Starting at $10 a month, you can have unlimited access to over 80,000 tracks! With various genres and moods, it couldn’t be easier to find music to match the content in your videos. Get started now!

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