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Imagine a vlog, a commercial, a YouTube video or even a film without background music. Strange, isn’t it? Music compliments visuals, and the same goes for background music. Although more subtle than booming movie scene music, it still serves a purpose and is beneficial to your business. So, let’s take a look at why background music for videos is important, and where you can find it!

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Why Should I Use Background Songs For Videos?

Background songs for videos can help elevate your content. Whether you’re making a YouTube vlog, creating a commercial or instructional video, music will help to complement what’s going on on-screen. Background music serves to support what’s going on, not to steal focus. Let’s take a look at how background music can elevate your videos.

Ways Background Music Can Elevate Your Content

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1) It Communicates With Your Audience

If your small business prides itself on being whimsical, quirky intro music will tell the viewer more about you than words ever could. Background music helps to set the tone and mood of your content, and communicate your brand quickly and effectively without overwhelming your audience.

2) It Makes You Look More Professional

A well-chosen, great sounding piece of music can elevate your company or brand and make it seem organized and professional. If you are making a corporate video, for example, background music will help to reinforce a sense of professionalism.

3) It May Become Associated With Your Brand

If you use a similar genre, motif or even the same artist in multiple videos, people will associate your brand with certain tracks. This will benefit you as it will promote your business, spread brand awareness and make your content more memorable!

4) If People Like The Music, They Are More Inclined To Like The Brand

Let’s say you choose a memorable, moving piece of music for an emotional commercial. This communicates to the viewer that your company cares, and has taken the time to craft moving stories that engage audiences. This may push them to choose you over a competitor. Similarly, if you were to choose an individual, catchy track that gets into people’s heads, your content will be memorable. Your audience may look more into what you do, and become a future customer!

5) It Keeps Things Moving

Background music fills in any silences, helps push along any transitions, and keeps video content flowing. It ties everything together without being overwhelming or interfering with the message or narration that is being communicated.

Where Can I Find Background Music For Videos?

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There are lots of options out there, and it can seem a little overwhelming knowing the differences or how to license music.

Firstly, there are royalty free sites that you can download music from. Not all of these sites are legitimate, and royalty free doesn’t mean that the tracks are necessarily copyright free. The last thing you want is to cause hassle for yourself by not obeying copyright law, and having your video removed. So, what is your alternative? Figure out the complex world of music licensing, pay lots of money for tracks and risk the rights owners saying no? There is another alternative!

How Audiosocket Can Help

Audiosocket takes the hassle out of licensing music. From $10 a month, you can access unlimited, top quality tracks to use as background music for videos. With over 80,000 tracks, you’ll be spoiled for choice! The great thing about Audiosocket is that we take care of the copyright and licensing. This means that you can focus on worrying about finding your perfect track. Check out our catalog!

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