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There are more opportunities now, than ever before, for businesses to reach new audiences and prospective customers through quality content. If your business’ content strategy includes video for social media, YouTube and other platforms, or you seek to leverage audio mediums like podcasts and radio, music will play a large role in communicating your brand’s message.

Through this article, we’ll explore music’s impact on your message and how you can use music to heighten your business’ content. Let’s dive in!

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Why You Should Use Music In Your Content

Music is a universal language with the added benefit of connecting emotionally with audiences. If a piece of music is memorable, your content will be too. Finding the perfect track to complement your message is a great way to reach potential customers. Using music in your content will add another layer to your creation, and drive your message home to your audience.

Creating Content With Music For Your Business: Tips & Ideas

Choosing The Right Music For Your Brand

Selecting a track that reinforces your message, brand values or ideals is a great way to communicate your aims as a business. This should also match what’s going on on-screen during a video (whether in a social media post or an advertisement). Choose music that represents your brand’s personality, and find genres that translate your message effectively.

Intro Or Outro Music

One idea is to have a short snippet of music that acts as your brand’s motif. This could then be put at the beginning of your videos, perhaps alongside your logo. Therefore, this music will become synonymous with your business, and give a sense of structure to your videos. If you think of the McDonald’s whistle, it is a short snippet that features in their advertisements and is instantly recognizable.

Using Music In Videos

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Using music in your videos is a tried and tested concept. However, we have some tips to make sure you do it right. Firstly, ensure that the music isn’t overwhelming. If you are featuring it in a commercial, for example, make sure that it doesn’t detract from any narration or your message. Also, don’t choose music just because it is your personal taste. Think about what keywords you associate with your business, and what types of music might resonate with your audience.


Creating a video showing various aspects of your business is a great way to condense lots of information into one interesting video. As the video will speed through lots of visuals, the music will serve to hold the audience’s interest and keep it cohesive. Plus, if it gets stuck in your audience’s head – they may keep coming back!

Curate Playlists

One idea is to create playlists for different holidays or themes and share them on your company’s social media platforms. This is a fresh approach, and through social media, you can direct your audience to the playlist. If you are a small business, get a couple of team members involved. It doesn’t need to be too taxing or time-consuming – just have fun with it!

Where Can I Find Music To Use In My Content?

There are a few different options for finding music. Copyright can be tricky to wrap your head around, but here are your basic options:

  • Find music in the Public Domain. This means that the copyright has expired, and you are free to use it.
  • Use tracks via a Creative Commons license.
  • Search through royalty-free tracks (as a warning, this does not mean the tracks are free of copyright, and you will still have to pay).
  • License music quickly and easily through a company that takes care of any copyright – such as Audiosocket!

How Audiosocket Can Help

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We hope that this has given you an insight into using music in your business content and provided some ideas for your company. If you are looking for music to use in your content, look no further than Audiosocket. With 80,000+ tracks, you need look no further! Go ahead and check out our catalog now!

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