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Music in commercials is a tried and tested approach that can heighten the impact of a TV commercial on audiences. We can all think of examples of music from adverts years back, proving that they served their purpose and make us remember the brand. Join us as we take a look into why music commercials are so successful, plus examples of how music makes TV commercials memorable.

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Music Commercials – Why Do They Work?

Music and TV go together hand in hand. The effect of combining music and visual content has been a great partnership for a long time, and for good reason. Music heightens our emotions, gets stuck in our heads and promotes what it is a brand does, as well as how they do it. Watching a commercial from a company can tell you so much about their values, and what they do. Layering songs on top of this serves to exaggerate the message, and really drive it home to audiences.

How Music Makes Commercials More Memorable

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Let’s take a look at some ways in which music in commercials can be used to take your commercial to another level.

Emotion & Memory

We all know that music can influence how we’re feeling. One Australian study of music showed that strings playing short, sharp notes in a major key produced feelings of happiness in 87% of participants. Also, a shift from major to minor keys created a sense of sadness in 83%. This use of music that evokes emotion can be a powerful tool within adverts and commercials. It can make an impact on your audience long after they have watched it, making your commercial memorable. Creating a real connection with the audience is key!

Driving The Story

Music becomes even more effective when it highlights or corresponds to the story or narrative of a commercial. Take John Lewis’ Christmas ads, for example. These songs are known for being emotional and driving the story by matching the lyrics to what’s happening on-screen. This links to the first point and creates a more intense, emotional experience for the viewer.

The Power Of The Artist

There is a reason that brands use celebrities to promote their products, and this works similarly with music. Using songs from a well-recognized or popular artist can draw more attention to your commercial, and get more people interested. On the flip side, lesser known artists can be a great choice, too. Choosing a song that is individual and interesting can make your commercial more unique, as well as creating exposure for the artist. If their career or the song itself takes off due to the advert, even more people will stumble across your commercial, too!

Creating Music Specifically For Commercials

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Much like McDonald’s and Justin Timberlake’s ‘I’m Lovin’ It’, brands can sometimes look to create music specifically for their advert. This makes the ad and the music highly individual, and opens up opportunities to use your slogan or brand values in the song. That way, audiences will learn more about your brand, as well as remember things about it through catchy music and lyrics.

How Audiosocket Can Help

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