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Launching a small business can be super overwhelming, so where do you start? Stick with us to check out our small business marketing strategies – from planning to driving conversion and sales, creating a website, using paid ads and more. Let’s dive in!

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Small Business Marketing Strategies

1. Get To Know Your Audience & Build A Plan

An important step in beginning your marketing process is knowing who you’re marketing to. Larger companies may have the luxury of appealing to a wide market, but as a small business, you should be aiming for niches for leverage. Understanding your audience is important, as you need to understand their issues, priorities, taste and more in order to appeal to them successfully.

Some questions to ask yourself about your buyers are:

  • What is driving their decision to purchase?
  • In their eyes, what will set you apart from others (your value proposition)?
  • Age, gender, interests and so on

Knowing your consumer inside out will help inform a lot of your choices. We recommend getting started on a content strategy and plan for your content marketing.

2. Choose Goals & Objectives And Capitalize On Short Term Successes

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In the world of marketing, there are so many routes. It can be tempting to try all of them at once to cover all of your bases, but this will actually work against you.

Identify where the biggest impact will be. What routes will/do your audience respond best to? Is there a blind spot in your marketing plan that’s stunting your reach? This is the area in which you should set a performance goal, and center your approach and resources around. You can always expand to other initiatives once you make progress towards your singular goal, and you can always repurpose content from this goal into other mediums.

To start with, it’s critical to see ROI as quickly as you can. This will give you momentum and cash flow to invest in larger projects. So, don’t kick off with something that will take a long time to see results with, such as SEO – unless you have the resources and time to balance this with everything else. Begin with something like Sponsored Ads, which will provide fast results and help kick off your growth!

3. Make Use Of Free Tools

There are lots of free promotional and marketing tools out there, so take advantage of them! Only commit to paid tools that are drastically improving your results, and shop around to try out some different ones before committing.

Some of our top picks for free marketing tools include:

4. Create A Website

how to create a website small business marketing strategies

Owning a professional website is an extremely important step for your small business marketing. It is where potential customers can find out who you are, what you offer, your location and how to get in touch.

Websites also generate organic traffic, as well as being a place to send traffic to from your marketing initiatives. You can also convert traffic into leads if you use your website correctly!

You can use HubSpot’s CMS (14 day free trial) to create a website, or Wix is a totally free website creator.

Don’t forget to think about your branding, logo and so on to ensure you are letting customers know who you are, and making your business memorable.

5. Social Media Promotion

Social media is one of the best means of free promotion and marketing. When used correctly, it is one of the most powerful business tools. With social media, you can increase your domain authority, improve search engine rankings, engage with customers and widen your business’ reach.

Whether it’s via Instagram videos, TikTok, YouTube or other alternative social media platforms, having an online presence improves your visibility, reach and allows you to hear directly from customers. Don’t forget that word of mouth and a good review on social media can go a long way!

6. Use Paid Ads

paid ads marketing strategies for small businesses tips for small business owners digital marketing

When you’re starting out, it can take a while to start gathering organic traffic. A short-term remedy for this is pay-to-play tactics which target buyers with high intent.

Google Ads is great for this if you know what your target audience is scouring the web for. There are always social media ads as well, which helps you reach a wider audience.

Organic traffic takes a while to build, and as a small business, you want to invest in short-term plays. Pay-to-play tactics that target buyers with high intent are great for short-term wins to jump-start other objectives.

7. Capture Information

We’ve talked a lot about generating traffic, but how do you drive revenue?

This is done by generating leads from your website via a conversion tool. These tools add elements to your website to collect the email addresses of potential customers, or push them towards conversion. These tools include elements such as pop up CTAs, ‘Contact Us’ forms and widgets to collect email addresses. Once you have this information, you can send out promotions, offers and communications to convert them into paying customers. Some conversion tools include:

8. Email Marketing

email marketing small business marketing strategies tips for small business digital marketing

Email marketing can be the push a lot of customers need to commit to purchasing. This route of marketing is extremely popular because it works so effectively!

It’s an easy, free way to communicate with both new and existing customers via newsletters, promotions, text-based emails, announcements and more. All you need is a free or inexpensive email marketing tool such as HubSpot, Sender or Omnisend. You can always use marketing automations to make this process easier and save yourself some time, too.

Final Thoughts

We hope that you found these small business marketing strategies helpful, and please feel free to share helpful resources for others in the comments. Getting a small business off the ground requires drive, determination and patience – but don’t forget that there are tons of tips, tricks and free tools to help you on your way. In 2021, so many things can be set up or automated to save you time, so look into your options and get going!

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