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We’ve all seen successful corporate videos that enthrall us, and make us want to know more about a company, product or brand. But how do they do it? What makes a great corporate video, and where do you start? Whether you’re creating a corporate video yourself or have been hired to create one for a company, we’re here to help you out with some tips for creating corporate videos!

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Tips For Creating Corporate Videos

1. Know Your Audience

More so than ever, target audience matters for corporate video making. If you’ve been hired to create for a company (or you are the company yourself), iron out your target audience, what your message is and what action you want them to take. What is the purpose of the video? Is it an advertisement, an informational video, a video for staff or recruitment, or simply to raise engagement or spread awareness?

Creating a content strategy or plan and getting to grips with the company’s branding, message, mission statement and ethos is a great way to get started planning your corporate videos. This can also help with elements such as color palettes, fonts and so on.

2. Production Value

Some vloggers and personal creators can charm audiences with homemade videos that are a little rough around the edges. However, as a company or brand that is creating corporate videos, you need to ensure your production level is high.

This demonstrates professionalism, instills confidence in your brand and shows that you know what you’re talking about. If your brand is small and homegrown, you can still create a warm, relatable and authentic energy, but that doesn’t mean it has to be at the expense of the quality!

Whether your video is for social media, an advertisement, for the company’s website or any other reason, make sure that the quality won’t put off potential customers. That includes quality music, too (we’ll talk more about how we can help with this later on).

3. Make An Emotional Connection

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When we think of corporate videos, it’s easy to fall into them becoming serious, matter-of-fact, and they can end up quite sales-like or overly formal.

Remember that people are emotional, and invest in brands with which they feel an emotional connection or attachment. There’s a reason that the John Lewis adverts are so popular, because they craft intricate and moving stories that audiences remember and become attached to. Featuring testimonials, characters, storylines and even humor can help make your corporate video memorable and show off who you are and what you stand for as a company.

4. Use Demonstrations

A lot of corporate videos can fall into the trap of rattling off information and saying how great a product, service or company is. But sometimes, it’s better to show it, instead. The same goes for in-house videos for new starters, or content for the recruitment process.

If you can, show off what your product, company or service can do, and give those watching some insight into what you do. Having visual examples will help generate trust with the viewer, and show a lot more information than you would be able to tell whilst you’re losing audience’s interest in long-winded sales videos.

5. Be Human

Audiences don’t like feeling like they’re being spoken to by robots. Conveying personality is just as important as conveying information, and will allow customers, staff and so on to connect and become further invested in your brand. For advertisements, featuring members of the company can help to bring realism and ground your video with human interaction and personal stories that will allow customers to understand, relate to and enjoy your company quickly.

6. Be Concise

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Audiences like to know who you are, what you’re about and what you have to offer quickly and concisely. It can be tempting to feature as much information as possible, but that can result in a video that nobody reaches the end of. Telling your story clearly and concisely without getting lost in the weeds will go a long way, and this can be achieved by:

  • Having a firm conceptualization of exactly what you’re trying to convey
  • Keeping your message simple but clear and firm
  • Knowing your audience

Final Thoughts

Creating corporate videos requires a balancing act between instilling confidence in your audience and coming across as personable and interesting. We hope our tips have helped, and if you liked this article, we think you’ll enjoy these other articles:

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