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TikTok has truly been taking the world by storm, especially during the Coronavirus pandemic – and we can’t get enough! We’ve joined TikTok and have launched our new rap challenge, so keep reading to hear all about it!

TikTok Rap Challenge

What Are TikTok Challenges?

TikTok challenges, in their simplest form, require users to take some sort of action and record and publish it on the platform. These challenges can center around a song, dance move, reaction, movie quote and so on, and users must use the hashtag in the video’s description. Other users can find all videos by searching this hashtag, collaborate and more!

All About Our New TikTok Rap Challenge

Without further ado, let’s look at our new rap challenge – including how to enter, what beats you can choose from and more!

What Is The Rap Challenge & What Do I Need To Do?

We launched our new rap challenge to find talented rappers, MC’s and rap artists on TikTok.

All you need to do is perform a freestyle rap to one of our 3 beats on offer. Created by our in-house production collaboration ‘The Red Collective’, the beats are:

T-Rex Push It We Won’t

The beats can be accessed via our videos about the rap challenge, which feature Audiosocket rapper and producer K. Sparks.

Example Video

Here’s an example of an entry from rapper Tenn Buick:

We love to see your entries, and will share them on our own TikTok. K. Sparks will be getting involved in checking out the fresh talent, so good luck, and we can’t wait for your video!

Final Thoughts

audiosocket music licensing company new music

Don’t forget to use the hashtag #audiosocketrapper, and tag us @audiosocketlicensing to get involved. We can’t wait to hear what you come up with, and how you bring these beats to life!

Give us a follow also, as we’re always scouting potential talent to work with at Audiosocket. That way, we can keep in touch and see what you’re up to! You can also stream the tracks via Spotify to practice.

If you’re interested in TikTok, why not also check out our interviews with viral creators So Wylie and Rocky Paterra?

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