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Stock video footage can be a huge help to creators, and is all around us in the media that we consume. If you need certain shots that you can’t create yourself, establishing shots, or footage to pad out your project, we’ve got you covered. Let’s jump into what stock footage is, how it can be used and where to find it!

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What Is Stock Video Footage?

Stock video footage is extra footage (also known as ‘B-roll’) from shoots. Lots of filmmakers make this footage available to license or download online so that others can use it in their projects.

Stock video is all around us – in commercials, TV shows, movies, documentaries and more. So, let’s take a look at its purpose and how it can help indie filmmakers and all types of video creators!

What Is The Purpose Of Stock Video Footage?

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Stock footage is a resource that saves filmmakers time and money. It does this by providing them with footage that can be added into their existing footage, or even used standalone for things like social media. Stock footage is also great for secondary shots that help to maintain the project’s story.

Let’s say, for example, that you have set your project in New York. But you don’t live in New York. This is where stock footage comes in! You can film your scenes inside where you are, and insert stock footage of New York to set the scene. Buying clips online for a purpose like this is simple, cheap, fast, and can round out your project.

Buying Stock Footage

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There are a lot of great resources out there for purchasing stock video footage. Let’s take a look at how this process works, and some top places to find footage.

You can buy stock footage clips from stock imagery agencies, online sites and videography companies. Some sites allow you to download footage for free, and some require you to license the footage, or pay a fee. There are different license types that provide you with different rights and restrictions as to how you can use the footage. The main types are Royalty Free and Rights Managed licenses for video footage. Here’s what they mean, and the benefits and downsides of using them.

Royalty Free Footage

Royalty Free videos are popular, and grant you non-exclusive rights to use the clips. This is usually for a one-time fee. Therefore, you pay for the license once and can use the clips in a range of ways for as long as you like.

The prices are usually very affordable, but because of this, the clip will be used in tons of other videos. Anybody can use the same footage, making your video lose its individual edge and making it clear that you are using additional footage. Also, to use the footage in certain mediums or outside the rights stated, you will need to pay more for an extended license.

Rights Managed Footage

Rights Managed footage work great for large productions. You are given the option to purchase the exclusive usage rights to a stock video for a certain amount of time. This means that nobody else will be allowed to use it, making your footage more unique and less obviously stock footage.

The license is usually customized to your specific usage, and comes with geographical and time limits. Plus, it’s valid for one-time use. For these reasons, it can be a lot more expensive than Royalty Free footage.

Where Can I Buy Stock Video Footage?

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There are lots of options out there for buying stock footage. Here are some of our top picks, organized by pricing:


Agencies (Mid-Level Price)


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