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It’s not easy out there for indie filmmakers! Luckily, the internet provides a wealth of information for creatives. Today, we’re going to list our top sites for indie filmmakers that can provide help, resources, advice, training, networking opportunities and fascinating discussions. Let’s get going!

top sites for indie filmmakers tips resources courses for filmmakers

Top Sites For Indie Filmmakers

Without further ado, let’s take a look at some of our top picks for helpful sites for indie filmmakers!

top websites for indie filmmakers help for filmmakers resources

No Film School

No Film School is a staple website for indie filmmakers. It’s perfect for DIY filmmakers and indie creatives, and hosts an online community portal. This site will help you out with great filmmaking tips, topical discussions, podcasts and educational content, as well as connecting filmmakers.

Studio Binder

Studio Binder is a brilliant platform to manage productions. On the site, you can create shooting schedules, call sheets, script breakdowns and more. These can be shared with your team to help your filmmaking experiences run smoothly. An individual idea that is super helpful for shoot days!

Philip Bloom

Philip Bloom is an expert in the field filmmaking, documentary making and creating short films. His 27+ year career has seen him specialize in creating amazing cinematic work. The site itself provides an insight into his work, provides endless inspiration and experimentation with new technologies. Our favorites are his vlogs, which explore everything from drone camera reviews to sensor cleaning.

Indie Talk

indie talk filmmakers resources websites for filmmakers and creatives

Indie Talk is a great indie filmmaker site which hosts a filmmaking community and encourages the sharing of ideas in forums.

The forums have many categories such as Screenwriting, Post Production, Cameras & Lenses and more. This site is particularly helpful for offering advice that avoids spending tons of money. Perfect for beginner filmmakers!

Film Riot

If you want to get involved in filmmaking in a fun and comedic way, then Film Riot is the site for you! Host Ryan Connolly delves into various subjects in humorous ways, making it super fun to learn. You can find out how to make a music video, use CGI and so much more. We highly recommend a visit!

Filmmaker IQ

Filmmaker IQ is an online film school, and provides movie analysis, courses, quizzes, labs and more. With its unique layout mirroring an online schooling server, it allows you to sift through its various resources provided by experienced filmmakers.

Go Into The Story

go into the story filmmaker blog website indie filmmakers

If you want to get some top tricks of the trade, Go Into The Story has you covered. Blogger Scott Myers posts advice, how-to guides and stellar information for young writers, as well as providing an extensive list of other helpful resources.

John August

John August is an accomplished screenwriter with tons of high-profile credits under his belt. His blog contains a wealth of information, from industry advice to career tips and questions from readers. If you’d like to get feedback from a successful working professional, this is the site for you!

How Audiosocket Can Help

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audiosocket content creation music for filmmakers music for vloggers music for youtube

This article is all about indie filmmakers, and we want to help out! With your movies, it’s never too early to start looking for additional elements such as music.

If you are looking for authentic, top-quality music for your films, why not check out Audiosocket? Your content deserves the best, so sign up today and access tens of thousands of songs to bring your vision to life! You can access Audiosocket’s music catalog for just $15 a month as a Personal creator. Not only that, but this allows you to license an unlimited number of tracks at no additional cost. Talk about win-win!

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