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So, you’ve created a film that you’re sure is going to receive rave reviews, wow audiences and change the world. This can only happen if people know about your movie! If you’re an independent filmmaker, you usually won’t have the support of marketing departments to help spread the word. Therefore, it’s time to take matters into your own hands. Let’s take a look at how to promote your film online, including top tips, strategies and things to prepare!

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How To Promote Your Film Online

Figuring out how to promote your film means that you need to put your marketing hat on. Who is your audience, what’s popular right now and how can you reach those who will adore your movie? Here are our top tips for how to promote your film online:

Create A Movie Trailer

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Movie trailers are a method of gathering interest that has stood the test of time because they work. An intriguing, exciting or moving trailer full of interesting moments (and some attention-grabbing music) will make your film memorable. It will also get audiences invested by giving them a taste of what is coming. Position your trailer towards your target audience, give them an idea of the film, fill it with hooks and draw them in!

Follow Your Marketing Plan

Marketing and social media campaigns are highly important in the digital age – so don’t overlook this step! Tailor your campaign to your target audience, including details like their age, gender, income, interests and so on. You need to also think about what social platforms you want to use and how you want to advertise your movie. Will you share clips of your trailer on Instagram? Will you create a social media competition to gather interest? Would your audience like to see BTS clips? Get creative, and check out our guide to Creating A Content Strategy & Plan for more ideas!

Give Your Film A Website

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Once you have a brilliant movie trailer and a genius marketing plan, a website will help you to gather these elements together to showcase to audiences. In your social media campaign, be sure to point to your website! Having a landing page with your trailer and links to any marketing materials, footage, socials and so on will make the process clear and simple for audiences to find.

Create An Event

This one is a little tricky in the Coronavirus age – so get creative! Think interactive virtual rooms, livestreams, interviews, Q&A’s and more, and plan an event! This will make your release memorable and show audiences that you have truly put the work in. Creating an experience can really make your movie stand out, and create a sense of FOMO once the event builds some buzz.

Word Of Mouth & Outreach

Word of mouth is still one of the most effective ways of marketing. Therefore, reaching out to film blogs, critics, social media influencers, friends and family, fellow filmmakers etc and asking them to share, recommend or mention the film online will make a huge difference. To help with reaching out to Film Festivals, critics and so on, don’t forget to create a Film Press Kit. If you’re sending an email to blogger of social media influencer, take a look at our guide to Writing Email Pitches, too! By doing this, you can bring in audiences that may never have found your film otherwise!

How Audiosocket Can Help

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We hope that this article has given you some more clarity around how to promote your film. Audiosocket always want to help filmmakers in any way we can, such as with finding music for your films, trailers, websites and more!

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