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Welcome to another Friday of more brand-new music from Audiosocket Records! Today’s pick that we want to share with you is a drama-infused epic orchestral piece from Dorian Charnis. This beautiful album is now streaming, so stick with us to hear all about it!

About Dorian & ‘Pinnacle’

Dorian Charnis hails from Yorktown Heights, NY and has over 10 years of experience in the business. He specializes in orchestral styles fused with a modern production palette. His work ranges from reality TV to epic trailer music, all with his distinct creative quality and tone. Dorian’s music has been featured in both TV and Film, and can be heard in a variety of programs airing around the world.

The track Pinnacle (from the album of the same name) features soaring strings, thundering stomps and delicate yet dramatic piano additions. This track would be right at home in an epic fantasy adventure movie, underpinning breathtaking visuals and transporting the audience to another world.

Check out Dorian’s work in action in a placement with Showtime (‘Thrilling’ TV Promo) here:

Where Can I Listen?

Pinnacle can be streamed across all major platforms. Head here to find your preferred music listening service:

This New Music Is Great, How Do I License It?

ASX, Audiosocket’s premium arm

Pinnacle is a premium album, meaning that it is only available for ASX clients – and you can head here to license it. However, if you love Dorian as much as we do, he also has a range of other tracks in our Audiosocket catalog for lower budgets – so go and check them out, too!

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