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So, you’ve done all of the hard work crafting a beautiful, earth shatteringly incredible film. What now? You need to spread the word about this masterpiece, and get it featured in the press, played at film festivals, and noticed by potential audience members. That’s where a film Press Kit comes in. We’re going to take you through what this is, how to create one and who to send it to!

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What Is A Film Press Kit?

‘Press’ can mean different things in different situations. In the world of film festivals, ‘Press’ refers to any materials that go out to your potential audience. Think of ‘Press’ as the materials, and ‘The Press’ as those who write about, feature or promote your film.

A Film Press Kit is a collection of materials that filmmakers, producers or publicists put together that is distributed to the press in order to spread the word, provide information and show off your film. It usually contains:

  • A synopsis of the film (sometimes multiple)
  • Bios of those involved in the film (usually the writer, director and producer)
  • Bios of the actors in the film
  • A fact sheet which outlines key facts about the film such as the film’s length, where the film was shot, production length, credits and so on
  • Stills from the film
  • Behind the scenes shots of the film’s production
  • Quotes and statements, such as from the director about their inspiration, what went well, what message they want to get across etc
  • Contact information for any future questions or interviews
  • Any other documents that you feel the press and future readers will find interesting

What Does A Film Press Kit Do?

what is a film press kit what does a film press kit too indie filmmakers

Film Press Kits exist for a variety of reasons, and each material within it serves its own function.

Those receiving the kit can use quotes for interviews, ideas for stories and so on. Your synopsis can also be featured in film festival guides. The images can be used in print from festival materials to articles about the film.

Press Kits are essentially a simple and clear way to get information about your film out to the public and promote your project. They are low cost to make (especially digitally), and also relay that you are a seasoned professional. Digital Press Kits (aka EPKs) are an increasingly popular way of creating one. EPKs are also used by musicians and so on to collate information about an upcoming song release.

Film Press Kits are the most efficient way to communicate how amazing your film is, gather interest and generate press coverage for your project.

Should I Make A Hard Copy Press Kit Or EPK?

EPK film press kit film promo how to make a press kit

The choice is really up to you! Hard copies are more expensive due to printing costs and so on, but if you want to stand out from the crowd then it could be worth it! Just be careful, as for Film Festival submissions, it might be preferred not to receive bulky packages full of pages. EPKs are a great choice because they are quicker to organise and compile, and you can deliver them on a DVD/thumb drive, or even over email.

Double check the places you want to send your Press Kit to. If the delivery method isn’t specified, digital is common nowadays and is fine to use.

Who Should I Send My Film Press Kit To?

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Firstly, film festivals will usually ask for a Press Kit in order to promote the festival and the line-up of films. Individual journalists are another great route, and it’s up to you to decide who best to send yours to. Let’s jump into who should write the Press Kit, and who it should be sent to.

Who Should Write & Send The Film Press Kit?

This differs from project to project. Do you have a publicist? If so, they will handle the Press Kit as well as pitching to journalists. However, if you are an independent filmmaker, you can handle this on your own!

In the instance that you are compiling the Press Kit as an indie filmmaker, here are some top tips:

  • Make a list of every item that you want to include in the Press Kit. Some film festivals will list specific elements that they need, so pay attention to where you want to send it to, and what they ask for. Organization will really help you here!
  • Take your time making the Press Kit – rushing won’t do you any favors, and will turn people off your film immediately.
  • Proofreading! Get a couple of people involved in the movie to read it. They should check that you are relaying the film’s story and tone/character, as well as that it is grammatically sound and makes sense.
  • Layout the Press Kit so that it is easy to navigate. It’s a good idea to make one folder with clearly labeled individual files inside. That way, readers can navigate to various parts as they wish.
  • When reaching out, be professional, friendly and clear. If they aren’t interested, thank them for their time and keep the relationship on a good note to potentially revisit in the future.

Finding Who To Send Your Film Press Kit To

Familiarize yourself with internet publications from blogs to websites, newspapers and magazines. Get creative with who you reach out to, considering what your topic is, what music you’ve used, what actors are featured and where it was filmed. For example, does your film feature stunning shots of your hometown? If so, local journalists and publications may be more inclined to feature it. Does your film have a specific point of view or topic? Research those who write about films similar to yours, or more niche publications that fall under your topic focus.

Pitching To Journalists

Once you’ve decided who to send your Press Kit to, you need to pitch it to them. Journalists writing about your film will raise your profile, lure in potential viewers and inspire them to watch your film. Therefore, they are an important part of the process.

Remember that journalists mostly don’t know that you’re out there. They are looking for interesting stories and high quality, memorable and impactful films. It is therefore your job to sell your movie, and let them know why they should write about your film. When reaching out to journalists, think about:

  • What your film is about
  • Who made it and what stands out about them
  • What are the visuals?
  • Why was it made?

The more a journalist can get an idea of the driving force behind the movie, the more interested they will be. Stay focused, clear and with a sense of purpose and vision when pitching. Remember, journalists are people too, and they want you to succeed!

Final Thoughts

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