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It’s the first in our series of Video Marketing For Business, a topic that we find super interesting (and we hope you will too). Whether you’re a seasoned pro looking for new ideas or are starting up your own business and looking into marketing methods, we’re here with some advice on video marketing for business. We’re going to spend this article explaining how video marketing can help businesses, why it’s important, the reason it has such an impact and how audiences react to it. Let’s get started!

Why Is Video Marketing For Business Important?

Video marketing has been creeping up for years, slowly taking over as one of the most important marketing formats for businesses. Since the COVID-19 pandemic began, there has been an even larger spike in using video marketing to connect with audiences online, with 86% of small and medium businesses in the US alone using this type of marketing to reach out. 

Now more than ever, with platforms such as TikTok, YouTube, Vimeo and even Instagram centering around video content from businesses as well as audiences, video marketing is a super smart move for your business. 

Reasons To Use Video Marketing For Business

SEO Boost

Videos are great for bumping up your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) rating, making you rank higher in search engines and more. If your business uploads videos to YouTube that target common search terms from your target audience that relate to your services, this can help you get your business onto the first page of Google. That’s because Google includes YouTube videos at the top of the page for a variety of search terms. Using and repurposing video content can also help you reach wider audiences because you can distribute it across various platforms, widening your reach and boosting your SEO further. 

Videos Drive Sales

In 2021, it’s becoming more and more apparent each day that video content drives sales. In a world where we are all so used to having everything delivered to us in video form, companies need to step up and stay in the loop.

Surveys show that at least 55% of users or consumers watch videos before making a purchasing decision. Their decision then often rests on the video and the value it provides. These videos could be reviews, videos of the product(s) being used, helpful content that explains who you are and allows them to connect emotionally, and so many others! Whether the content you are sharing is being created to generate sales or to get people familiar with your brand to make a later purchasing decision, videos are much more interesting, enticing and succinct than reading through product descriptions, reviews, brand values and more.


As mentioned above, video content gives marketers a much wider range in terms of reach, platforms and more. There are so many variations of video that you can use to attract audiences, such as:

Whether you’re looking to spread brand awareness, generate leads, make sales or build an audience, there is a different type of video marketing for you and your business. Later on in this series, we will look specifically at platforms and formats, and how to maximise the effect of your videos based on where and how you are sharing it.

Simple & Cost Effective To Create

Creating great quality videos doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg, or take hours and hours to produce. There are tons of amazing video creator apps, sites and platforms out there that are low-cost, user friendly and quick and easy to use. Consistently sharing video content will help pull in new audiences, as well as keep you fresh in the mind of existing customers, making the return far greater than the time or effort of video creation. In Part 2 of this series, we’ll dive into some video creation apps and platforms that are great for businesses, so don’t forget to check that out soon for more tips!

Don’t forget – if you’re really strapped for time or resources, you can always cut up your video into different segments, repurpose older content, ask users to send in videos or hire a videographer or video creator/editor!


Everybody knows that going ‘viral’ can help boost sales, awareness and more. That’s because it spreads the word for you! With that said, shareability is a big plus to video marketing. If your videos are helpful, have value and are interesting, there’s no reason people won’t get sharing. From Instagram Stories to live video, retweets and more, the ability to share videos publicly has become seamless. This levels up one of the best marketing types out there: word of mouth. Seeing friends, family, co-workers and more hyping up your product will work wonders for your business, helping establish trust based on recommendations and shared interest.

Trust Building

Marketing centers around trust, relationships and connection. Creating a solid foundation with your customers will inspire them to sing your praises and appreciate who you are and what you do – and so does video marketing!

Using video helps with engagement, evoking different emotions and immersing potential customers in your world for a brief period of time. Video allows you to build hype, tell a story and introduce yourselves in a way that isn’t pushy or cold. Ads can sometimes come across a little intense or sales-like, whereas more organic, friendly, entertaining and interesting video content will resonate more with audiences, building trust and letting them know who you are and what you have to offer without being too intense. After all, who wants to trust a company they know nothing about?

Final Thoughts

If you found Part 1 helpful, don’t hesitate to stick around for the other 2 parts in this Video Marketing For Business trilogy. In the meantime, feel free to check out our related articles on Alternative Social Media Platforms For Businesses, Tips For Beginner Video Makers, Writing Engaging Social Media Captions & Video Editing Tips For Beginners.

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