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Following on from Part 1 of our Video Marketing For Business series, it’s time to look at editors and tools to help with your video marketing! Whether you need resources to make video making simple, or tools for helping with analytics or distribution, we’ve got you covered. Let’s jump in!

Why Is Video Marketing For Business Important?

In case you’re new to this series, allow us to quickly round up why video marketing for business is important.

Content marketing (especially video marketing) has been creeping up for years, slowly taking over as one of the most important marketing strategies for businesses. Since the COVID-19 pandemic began, there has been an even larger spike in using video marketing to connect with audiences online, with 86% of small and medium businesses in the US alone using this type of marketing to reach out. 

Now more than ever, with platforms such as TikTok, YouTube, Vimeo and even Instagram centering around video content from businesses as well as audiences, video marketing is a super smart move for your business.

Video Marketing For Business: Editing Software


Kapwing is extremely user-friendly, and perfect for beginners or those who don’t have a ton of time. It’s totally free, and allows you to add layers of images, video and audio. Another plus point of Kapwing is that is runs in your internet browser – therefore, your work is saved to the cloud and can be accessed from any device. Other features include sharing and collaborating in real time with your team, built-in stock footage, no ads and amazingly, no watermarks! Pro options are also available to purchase.


Filmora is a great beginner video editor, as it’s simple to use and offers a wide range of filters, effects, overlays, transitions and titles. There is also the option to use themes, simplifying the process further. Pricing comes in at $155.88/year for a Business Plan, and they also offer Individual Plans from $55.98 per month. Filmora has over 77 million users worldwide, so it’s safe to say it does the job!

Apple iMovie

If you’re on a super tight budget but already own a Mac, you have an awesome video editing program already waiting for you! iMovie is super easy to use, simple and elegant. It integrates with both iTunes and GarageBand, shares wirelessly among your Apple devices and best of all, is totally free!

Adobe Premiere Pro

If you’re looking for something a little trickier to use that is more of a professional standard, Adobe Premiere Pro is your best bet. Features include multi-cam options, color correction, 360 VR support, titles, graphics, transitions and more. Individuals can either pay $20.99 per month to access Premiere Pro alone, or $52.99 monthly in order to access everything.


Lightworks is yet another awesome piece of video editing software. Unlike some other free editors, you can access high-end features usually reserved for expensive packages – for free! Features include multi-track video, real-time video effects previews, various layout variations, custom keyboard shortcuts and more. Lightworks is compatible with Windows, Max and Linux devices, and there are Pro options if you need more features.

Video Marketing For Business: Helpful Tools


If you’re looking to branch out into YouTube as part of your video marketing strategy, look no further than VidIQ for help. VidIQ is a tool to help marketers boost organic reach, identify popular keywords, track stats in real-time and more. This tool is also great for competitor analysis and research, auditing your channel and thumbnail generation. The basic plan is free, with Pro coming in at $7.50/month. There are also Boost and Boost+ plans for even more ($39 and $415 per month, respectively).


Viewbix is an SaaS-based builder that helps you create interactive video ads. With Viewbix, you can make videos with integrated call-to-action, which boosts traffic, conversions and clicks. You can also see analytics, take advantage of cross-platform distribution, get involved with branded content and more.


Cincopa‘s video hosting solutions are offered as part of a comprehensive digital asset management suite of services. There are various unique video features such as Cincopa Channels, which provide website visitors with an immersive video arena. Also, Cincopa is great for corporate videos! Paid subscriptions start at $9 per month.

How Audiosocket Can Help

This article is all about making great videos to boost your business and reach as many potential customers as possible. If you’re planning on creating content for your business such as website content, YouTube videos, podcasts and so on, it’s time to start planning aspects like music. That’s where we can help!

If you are looking for authentic, top-quality music for your project, why not check out Audiosocket? Your content deserves the best, so sign up today and access 80,000+ songs to bring your vision to life!

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