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We can’t get enough of Rob Ellis’ videos – whether they teach filmmakers and creators about lighting, use of music or just about anything else. Luckily for us (and you), he’s published yet another outstanding video to take creators on a journey that experiments with music and film to achieve an impactful outcome. Stick with us to learn more about Rob, see the video and more. Here we go!

About Rob Ellis

Rob Ellis is a decorated UK-based YouTuber, who specializes in cinematic image-making. He shares tutorials, equipment tests and awesome behind the scenes content for filmmakers and creators online. Rob’s YouTube Channel has over 73,000 subscribers, innovating and sharing creative techniques to manipulate and use lighting to impact emotion in beautiful cinematic scenes.

Sound Off With Rob Ellis

Rob’s brand new video centers around the use of music and how it can impact a scene, going over some terms and trying them out, analyzing the end result as he goes along.

As always, Rob takes us on a visual step by step journey, trialing different tracks and explaining his choices. This allows us to see what works and what doesn’t, and see into Rob’s thought processes as a cinematic creator.

Video Highlights

The video covers:

  • Video and audio pairing, giving us an example of how the footage doesn’t quite match up to the music, and how he needs something darker to convey what’s going on visually
  • Rob then tries a different track, but the tempo is a little too fast and dramatic. He then finds a more atmospheric one that works.
  • He explains the difference between diegetic and non-diegetic sound in film, and then adds it in diegetically, with the character turning on a radio to start the music in the scene
  • Rob then goes on to blend diegetic and non-diegetic music, explaining how this is in contrast with the visuals, and adds to the unsettling feeling. He also explains how the move into non-diegetic music helps to tap into what the character might be feeling.

Final Thoughts

In Rob’s signature style, the dark, atmospheric and cinematic footage is complemented by his music choices. It’s yet another amazing video from Rob, we can’t wait to see what he can show us next! Don’t forget to follow via his Website or YouTube Channel, and also feel free to check out our article on his ‘What Is Temp Love In Filmmaking’ video!

How Audiosocket Can Help

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