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Following on from decorated cinematographer Rob Ellis’ amazing YouTube video entitled ‘Sound Off’, here is part 2! This time, Rob will be using our new Sound Effects library, taking us through his process and comparing and contrasting different approaches.

About Rob Ellis

Rob Ellis is a decorated UK-based YouTuber, who specializes in cinematic image-making. He shares tutorials, equipment tests and awesome behind the scenes content for filmmakers and creators online. Rob’s YouTube Channel has over 73,000 subscribers, innovating and sharing creative techniques to manipulate and use lighting to impact emotion in beautiful cinematic scenes.

Sound Off: Rob Uses Audiosocket’s Sound Effects Library

In Part 2, Rob uses Audiosocket’s wide range of sound effects to show how you can make a scene more impactful. This video covers:

  • Uses of sound effects, such as emphasizing sounds or actions within a scene, ambient sound and more
  • The difference between using music and ambient sound, and how this can deepen the impact
  • Combining sound effects and music tracks to create a fully immersive and impactful montage

Final Thoughts

In Rob’s signature style, the dark, atmospheric and cinematic footage is complemented by his music and sound effect choices. It’s yet another amazing video from Rob, we can’t wait to see what he can show us next! Don’t forget to follow via his Website or YouTube Channel, and also feel free to check out our article on his ‘What Is Temp Love In Filmmaking’ video!

How Audiosocket Can Help

audiosocket music licensing company new music

We hope that you enjoyed Rob’s video and found his explanations and end results as fascinating as we did. As always, we’re here to help filmmakers, photographers and creators in any way we can. Audiosocket prides itself on our high quality, affordable and accessible tracks for personal creators, businesses, YouTubers and many more.

If you’re intrigued, check out our catalog of over 80,000 tracks, Sound Effects & Sound Design to help you find the perfect tracks for your project. Starting at just $10 a month, you can access unlimited tracks and give your videos the outstanding music they deserve.

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