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Welcome to another Friday of exciting, exclusive music from Audiosocket! We hope you’re ready to hear all about another amazing release that we think you’ll love. This week’s track is the incredible ‘Got Me Feeling’ by Pause Play Record, so keep reading to hear all about it and to have a listen!

About Pause Play Record & ‘Got Me Feeling’

Pause Play Record consists of Francisco Cueto and various guest artists. Born and raised in Fairfax, VA and currently living in Springfield VA, this musical mastermind experiments with various genres from funk and EDM to hip-hop styles.

Got Me Feeling is a funky, soulful track that urges you to party. With an optimistic, groovy and feel-good vibe, it is catchy, rhythmic and packed with sass. Kicking off with a hypnotizing drum beat, this track instantly hooks you in, building to an infectious funk vibe that is irresistibly cool. 

This New Music Is Great, How Do I License It?
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If you love this track and want to use it in your project (we don’t blame you!), then head here to license this and other new music.

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