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Today, we wanted to introduce you to our platform known as The Stage, including the mission behind it, artists we will feature and how you can get involved. If you haven’t heard of The Stage before then allow us to tell you all about it so that you too can fall in love with the amazing artists that have been involved thus far. Let’s get started!

What Is The Stage?

The Stage is a platform created in alliance with Audiosocket’s community of artists and creators. Its mission is to celebrate and showcase the works of our talented and diverse community, focusing on celebrating BIPOC artists so that you can get to know them.

Audiosocket is a small but mighty team that is committed to fighting injustice and systemic racism by supporting and showcasing diverse artists and celebrating exactly what makes them great. The Stage promotes the values that we as a company embrace, highlighting that there is beauty, knowledge and strength found in community and collaboration across race, lifestyle, religion, and perspective.

These differences define our dynamic community, and our goal is to help amplify the voices of those that inspire and promote positive change. This virtual showcase spotlights creatives who are working tirelessly to bring about lasting change, and giving them a platform.

Who Is Audiosocket?

If this is your first time meeting us, and you’re wondering exactly who we are and what we do, here is an introduction to what Audiosocket is all about!

Audiosocket is a music licensing company that connects creators with music for their projects – whether they are crafting films, video content, TV ads, trailers, wedding videos, real estate videos (and any other content you can think of!) Our wide-ranging, high quality catalog of over 85,000 tracks offers curated playlists and our new Similarity Search AI technology that allows you to paste a YouTube or Spotify URL and quickly find similar sounding tracks to license.

Our ethos is based around love and loyalty – making sure that artists receive fair treatment in the industry whilst we share the enthusiasm, passion and knowledge from our tight-knit, music loving team.

Who Will Be Featured?

We’re featuring some amazing artists, including Taylar Elizza Beth, Nation, Justin Garner and K. Sparks to start!

These artists represent individuality, talent, hard work and work tirelessly to inspire change. We’re super proud to be able to showcase them, and are excited for more upcoming interviews and features. We would also highly recommend checking out K. Sparks’ moving and heartfelt guest article on our blog entitled ‘Black People Should Not Have To Die To Feel Alive’.

To hear some artists that this platform is lifting, don’t forget to listen to The Stage playlist!

How Can I Be Part Of The Stage?

We’re always looking for fresh talent, so if you’re an artist who is inspired to bring about change then you should definitely get involved! You can submit your music to be part of our catalog, or inquire specifically about this initiative by contacting us at and referencing The Stage.

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