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It’s New Release Friday once again! That means even more brand-new music, so get ready for another mind-blowing track to fall in love with. This week, ‘Future Roses’ from the amazing Abandoned Airports is available to stream, so keep reading to hear all about the track!

About Abandoned Airports & Future Roses

Abandoned Airports, also known as James Henderson, hails from Dallas, Texas, and today he releases his first LP entitled Future Roses.

Future Roses perfectly showcases the best of Abandoned Airports’ catalog. Versatility is the reason why many Hollywood names love this composer, and this LP is no exception. With bouncy, infectious indie-pop-rock tracks infused with funk goodness, this LP is packed full of tracks perfect for various campaigns and content.

Back in March, Abandoned Airports also released tracks Rocket Fuel and No Time Toulouse which you can also listen to and license for your projects!

Where Can I Listen?

Future Roses can be streamed across all major platforms. Head here to find your preferred music listening service:

This New Music Is Great, How Do I License It?

ASX, Audiosocket’s premium arm

These tracks are premium, meaning that they are only available for ASX clients. If you love these tracks and want to use them in your project (we don’t blame you!), then head here to license both these and other new music.

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