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As part of The Stage platform, we sat down with up and coming rapper and artist Taylar Elizza Beth to talk about her inspiration, how the pandemic has affected her, her upcoming releases and more. Enjoy!

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Hey there Taylar Elizza Beth! So, firstly, tell us about your background – how did you get into music? And what has been the biggest change across the years since you started your career in music?

Hey y’all! So a lil about me, I grew up an artsy theater kid in Seattle, involved in little Broadway style productions, show choir, and performing in plays throughout grade school. I have always been involved in music, making up songs as early as age 5 or 6 while riding my bike alone in the backyard. It wasn’t until I started doing spoken word poetry and experiencing slams back in 2013 that I realized I wanted to pursue rapping and music seriously. I know everyone says this, but I wish I knew then what I know now because I’d undoubtedly be farther along. The biggest change over all is my confidence in myself and my sound, as well as a general knowledge of how this all works (and I’m still learning a lot!)

Congratulations on your tracks that you released this year (namely ‘siq as fuq’ & ‘nov 13’. What was the inspiration behind these tracks, and how was the process of writing and recording them?

Thank you! Both of these are so incredibly important to me. In recent years I’ve been forced to really take a hard look at the ways I have been living and reevaluate my decisions. I think a lot of people can relate to my saying that I haven’t always been as clear-headed and intentional about what I put into my body, or the choices that I make. As far as Nov 13, I wrote that song after a really horrible car accident that could’ve ended my life. It’s one of those grounding, sobering experiences where you have no other choice but to get your sh*t together and figure some things out. Shadow work, if you will.

What kind of lyrical topics/themes are you currently working into your songs?

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I believe my music has always centered around raw honesty and unapologetic passion. Some themes being owning who you are while also discovering more about yourself. That, being viewed as “intimidating” or “extra”, says more about the insecurity of others than it does about you. I try really hard to get people to understand and accept themselves through my music because as an ever evolving person, I am still trying to understand and accept myself too. 

I’m also being more transparent about the mistakes I’ve made. About taking accountability for those I’ve hurt while also yelling “HEY! I still deserved to be loved!”

Which artists inspire you the most and why?

This is cliché, but the artists around me inspire me the most. My friends. My musical/artistic partners. I am lucky to be in a community with several artists around the world, and I am looking forward to seeing what they do in the years to come.

What trends are you seeing in the industry currently – are there any that you really like or dislike?

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Honestly, I think it’s a real mind f*** what’s happening with Tik Tok and the idea of “viral” music. Do I sound old now? LOL I like Tik Tok! It’s just that, you have a lot of people who gain recognition and fame off of the backs of more talented, and often BLACK artists, and I’m really not into it. It can feel really daunting to be a career musician and try to explore gimmicks and quick tricks just to get 15 seconds of exposure/attention. I’ve always been here for the long game, and I think that’s how my rise will go!

How has your career changed or developed due to the impact of the Covid-19 Pandemic?

Not performing consistently has been both really hard, because I love it, and really great. I say this because it’s given me a chance to take a pause and figure out what the hell I’m actually doing! I feel like I have more space to do me in a more authentic way. The world around me is so chaotic and life can be really scary, and unfairly short. Why wouldn’t I put everything I have into this? Why waste any more time?

What’s kept you going throughout the pandemic and do you have any advice for anybody finding it hard to get back into the swing of things?

My spirituality has really helped me. I try to see things from a wider perspective and tune into my center. But I still struggle with depression and anxiety, so it’s not always a walk in the park. Being close to my mom, sisters and chosen family helps a lot too. Helps keep me grounded and focused on what actually matters. If I had to give advice, it would be more so a reminder that the only timeline you’re on is your own, the only path unique to you. Try not to compare yourself to other artists (advice for myself too) and put that energy into creating routines and rituals that move your art forward. 

Have you felt any noticeable change since the protests and coverage of the Black Lives Matter movement this time last year, and what would you like to see happen in the near future?

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Cognitive dissonance is a very real and very scary thing. I don’t want to talk much about this because doing so makes me emotional and a little angry. I will say this, though, PUT MONEY DIRECTLY INTO THE HANDS OF BLACK ARTISTS. That’s it. Throughout this pandemic, throughout our history, the same can be said. Put direct resources and monetary gain into the hands of Black people. Give us opportunities and the chance at generational wealth. No strings, no caveats, no contracts.

What’s been your best moment in the industry, or the work you’re most proud of?

I love that I’m a member of the Grammy Recording Academy! I think that’s really fun even though I haven’t done much to be involved yet. Truthfully, I’m proud of myself for what I’m doing now, but I will constantly push myself to be greater and wider recognized because I aim to be worldwide. And I will not stop until I get there.

Here’s your chance to plug anything new! What are you working on and what should we be listening to or looking out for?

Yay! Okay so I have my video for “Siq as Fuq” dropping September 2nd, and right after that I plan to release a new feature single called “Wild Child” with an accompanying visual as well. In the Fall, I will be traveling and linking up with artists across the South and East Coasts, and making even more music and visuals for y’all. I cannot wait. TEB Szn is just beginning.

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