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The Stage is a Platform created in alliance with Audiosocket’s community of artists and creators to celebrate and showcase the Works of our incredibly diverse community.

Audiosocket is a small and diverse team committed to fighting injustice and systemic racism around the world and promoting the values we embrace. There is beauty, knowledge, and strength found in community and collaboration across race, lifestyle, religion, and perspective. These differences define our dynamic community and we’re excited to help raise the voices of those that inspire and promote positive change. We hope you enjoy our new virtual showcase and will consider submitting your own works that highlight Creatives who are working to bring about lasting change.


Growing up in the urban and gritty streets of New York City, hip-hop set the tone for one rising emcee musically known as NATION. Born and raised in a multicultural environment, NATION utilizes his gift of lyricism and poetry writing as a united tool to help to cultivate an over saturated industry, as he seeks to spark a global widespread of authentic, ear indulging and life changing array of songs.

Finding his passion for music at an early age, NATION has performed in a variety of venues, concerts, stadiums, auditoriums and local open mic spots both in and out of his neighborhood.

When asked, “What drives NATION to do music?” NATION’S response has always been, “It’s a portal into and out of people life, a way for people to be able to relate and share stories, an escape for some, a therapeutic awakening, a universal remote; it’s like when you hear your favorite song and your mood alters, some people dance, some people lip sync along with the lyrics because music is mental morphine.

Check out Nation’s song LIVE and available to license here: