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Content marketing is a great way to gain potential customer’s trust, introduce yourself and boost engagement, leading to eventual sales. But what exactly is content marketing, and why should you be looking into creating content? Join us to take a look at content marketing and how it can help boost your small business infinitely!

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What Is Content Marketing?

Most people hear content marketing and think of blog, articles and social media – but it’s more than that!

Content marketing is a long term plan and strategy that utilizes content to solidify the relationship between business and audience. It helps to improve engagement, makes your brand more memorable and grabs potential customer’s attention. Unlike ads, content marketing is all about building trust with your audience.

Some examples of content marketing includes:

Why Should Small Businesses Use Content Marketing?

There are tons of reasons why content marketing is a great idea for small businesses, so let’s jump in!

1. Big Returns For Little Investment

Content marketing is a much cheaper alternative to paid ads – and it arguably works better. Paid ads also reach people once, and if they don’t take action before the campaign runs out, you’ve most likely lost their interest. They won’t remember your brand, and you’ve wasted money!

The benefit of content marketing is that it creates a more authentic and long-lasting connection with audiences. If you target your content correctly and get in front of your audience at the right time, you can generate tons more leads without spending money on paid advertisements.

Also, if you look at elements such as YouTube videos or blog articles, they can deliver a bigger payoff over time. It only takes a short time to create or organize these forms of content marketing, but they can continue to build lots of organic traffic over months or even years after they are posted.

2. Reaching Wider Audiences

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If your content is good, it will also be shareable. This can expose your business to potential new customers that you may not have reached otherwise – without spending money on paid ads.

Consistent posting of helpful content can encourage new users to follow you on social media, which also can boost your engagement and familiarize them with your brand. This means they are more likely to purchase your products, as they are more familiar with your brand, and are seeing your content constantly. If you stay on top of content marketing trends, you can also create content that is relevant, fun and super shareable.

Why not also check out some alternative social media platforms for small businesses that are yet to be discovered by everybody?

3. Nurtured Customers

As we mentioned above, familiarity and trust are a big benefit of content marketing. Nobody invests in products or services more than truly nurtured customers, so it’s truly worth doing.

Content marketing is the best way to make it clear what you’re all about, show that you want to help your audience and win potential customer’s trust. Once you have this, audiences will interact more with your content, share it and recommend you to friends (as well as returning for further information!)

4. Gentle Promotion

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Content marketing is less aggressive than targeted ads, giving people who are showing interest via following on social media or online searches. It is more of a slow burn approach than a fast and aggressive ad to a customer who knows nothing about you.

In regard to those who begin following you, customers follow you on social media because they want to hear from you, and are keen on special offers, information, potential promotions and more. What they don’t want to hear is promotions 24/7. Therefore, content marketing such as educational materials, helpful how-to’s and fun and engaging content that isn’t directly linked to a CTA 24/7 will help your customers stay interested. It helps to provide significant value beyond what it is you are selling, fostering a less aggressive introduction for your customers.

5. Organic Search Boost

The size of your business doesn’t impact how your content ranks in search results if your content is optimized correctly. Elements that affect organic search visibility include:

  • Quality
  • Relevancy to the topic
  • Optimization
  • Engagement

When search engines such as Google score content, they rate it based on factors such as creation date, how often it is updated, the rate of new link growth to the content, traffic and engagement and more. This means that creating easily updatable and shareable, helpful content that provides value to your audience will raise engagement, allowing you to appear higher in search engine results and more.

Constantly creating content produces an ongoing stream of content for search engines to rank, including updates and new links directing to older content. This web of links can help to boost your content’s ranking, and will put you in a favorable position in the eyes of search engines.

Final Thoughts

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Content marketing can seem like a lot, being that it should be consistent, regular and optimized to have the full effect.

Most businesses nowadays hire specific people to work on their content marketing – so this is always an option. Otherwise, don’t forget that you can repurpose content such as a blog post into a YouTube video and vice versa. Create a content strategy and get creative, remembering to work smart and utilize everything you have at your disposal. It doesn’t need to take up the majority of your time, as long as the content is relevant and helpful to your audience in some way!

How Audiosocket Can Help

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