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Film distribution is a must for indie filmmakers who want to get their movies, short films, music videos and more out to the world. It can get a little confusing with distributors, aggregators and more – so we’re here to break down what it all means, and share with you our picks for the best film aggregators for indie filmmakers in 2021!

best film aggregators for indie filmmakers in 2021 film distribution

What Are Film Aggregators?

Film Aggregators provide a service to help you get your movie, short film or series distributed on platforms such as Amazon, iTunes, Google Play and Sony PlayStation Network. Some aggregators can also help you with the encoding process and creating assets such as subtitles or dubs. Some charge a fee upfront and others will take a percentage of your sales.

What Is The Difference Between Film Aggregators & Film Distributors?

The main difference between is that film distributors control all the distribution and usually marketing for a film or project. Aggregators, however, typically only help you post your project to networks where it can be purchased. With aggregators, you retain more control of your creation.

Best Film Aggregators For Indie Filmmakers In 2021


bitmax film aggregator for indie filmmakers best film aggregators

BitMax are a widely known aggregator with a great reputation. They also offer post, license content management software and provide you with other revenue streams. They license and distribute premium VoD, SVOD, AVOD and TVOD content, and are responsible for the distribution of thousands of films, TV shows and more music videos than any other provider on the planet.

Price: Not publicly available but their basic service starts at $750 for a feature-length film. You can also contact them for a specific quote for your project.

Quiver Digital

quiver digital film aggregators for indie filmmakers best film aggregators

Quiver were the preferred aggregator for Sundance’s Creative Distribution Initiative, and comes highly recommended by Jim Cummings.

Price: Charge up front. Feature films are $1395 for the first platform and $225 for each platform after that, and Shorts are $795 for the first platform and $175 for each subsequent one.

Quiver also don’t take a percentage on the backend, meaning you pay once and retain 100% of your revenue!


filmhub digital film aggregators for indie filmmakers best film aggregators film distribution

FilmHub is part aggregator and part marketplace. They also offer distribution and a tech platform. FilmHub is great because you’re not limited to the ‘majors’ such as iTunes, Amazon etc, and can spread your film further to niche VoD platforms in various global territories.

One downside is that you’re not guaranteed access to platforms because it is a marketplace setup. Your film becomes available to VoD sites who may be interested, but it’s not entirely clear what FilmHub does in terms of promoting your movie.

Price: FilmHub don’t require any money upfront, but they do take 20% on the backend.

Premiere Digital

premiere digital film aggregators for indie filmmakers best film aggregators

Premiere Digital offer both distribution and aggregation. The bonuses are that you get real-time visibility into your supply chain deliverables and royalty payments via a dedicated financial portal.

Price: It looks as though you’ll need to contact Premiere Digital, as their prices aren’t public!

Final Tips

audiosocket music for filmmakers music for films music licensing indie filmmakers

When it comes to using an aggregator, remember to do some due diligence and research to make sure you understand what you’re getting and what it entails. Weigh up the various film aggregators for yourself and be sure to find the right fit for you and your movie’s needs.

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