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There is so much filmmaking and videography/video production lingo that we could be here all day! We’ve tried to go for terms that you may not already know (and some you might!).

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A-Z Of Filmmaking & Video Production Terms

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Without further ado, here is our A-Z of Filmmaking and Video Production terms!

Assets – All the parts included in a video – from images to music and audio files.

B-Roll – Secondary video footage shot outside the primary (A Roll) footage. Can be used to establish setting, create tension or be spliced together with main footage.

Call Sheet – A document that contains cast and crew information for shoots. Includes locations, times, equipment, contact details, emergency information, risk assessments and more.

Depth Of Field – A visual effect that is noticed by a blurred background. It separates the foreground from the background in a video image, and is altered based on the aperture of a lens.

Eye Direct – A mirrored device attached to a camera that allows the subject to see the interviewer behind the camera whilst looking straight at the camera lens.

Frame Rate – The amount of frames in a second. High frame rates give the video a smooth finish and low frame rates equal slow motion video.

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Gaffer – The person in charge of lighting and electrics on a film crew.

HDR – Stands for High Dynamic Range. It is the expansion of the range of color and the amount of information displayed. Newer cameras shoot in HDR, which gives much more detail.

ISO – Measures your digital sensor in your camera’s sensitivity to light. Represented in numbers (50, 100, 200 and so on). By changing the ISO, you are rendering the sensor more or less sensitive to light.

J Cut – A technique used in editing. J Cuts involve the audio from the second shot starting before the first video cuts.

Kelvin – The name of the scale used to measure color temperature.

Lower Thirds – Any graphic, animation or footage in the lower third of the video frame.

Motion Control – A camera rig in which the camera is mounted onto a robotic arm. You can pre-program the movement, giving you precise and stylized movements. A specialized camera rig wherein the camera is mounted on a robotic arm.

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Noir – Film Noir is a style of filmmaking. Most recognized from the 1940s and 50s, the genre is characterized by stark lighting, flashbacks, intricate plots, and a heavy sense of existentialist philosophy.

Overlay – Refers to any titles, graphics or layers put on top of a video.

Proxies – Lower resolution versions of the original video files. Used to make editing easier.

Quick Release – A piece of apparatus that makes mounting and removing a camera from a tripod faster and easier.

Rendering – When a project is exported, the file is called a Render. Think of it as a branch of Exporting.

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SFX – Stands for Sound Effects, also known as Foley. These are sounds added into a video during the editing process to support the visuals. Foley is sound that is recorded after filming to boost or create sounds within the scene.

Title Safe – A screen border designed to stop titles from disappearing off-screen if the monitor isn’t properly set up. Very important in broadcasting!

Ultrasonic Cleaner – A machine that cleans negatives before printing.

VR – Stands for Virtual Reality. This involves using a headset to interactively immerse yourself in a 360 digital world.

Window Shot – The last shot of the day on set.

Xenon – A bright lamp that projects daylight.

Y – You need to help us out with this one…

Zoom – Changing the distance between the camera and the subject without moving the camera itself.

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