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Welcome to another Friday of more brand-new music – and today we bring you a super special release for Audiosocket. This mind-blowing, infectious LP Viral Gold comes from our in-house production collaboration ‘The Red Collective’ – and it’s now available to license. So, stick with us to hear all about how the collective was formed, and what Viral Gold is all about!

All About ‘Viral Gold’

Viral Gold is an LP packed with powerful pop, infectious positivity and tracks infused with serious viral potential. This album responds to global trends, and showcases TRC’s incredible pop production power. Taking inspiration from viral tracks on platforms such as TikTok and other social media giants, the team worked to create feel-good anthems that stick in the brain.

Talking about Viral Gold, lead producer Duddy said:

“We wanted to make an album that was fresh, fun and catchy. One that just felt good to listen to – like these TikTok earworms we’re always trying to get out of our heads! Of course, we wanted to also make sure it works great for film/TV, and that was a special part of the collaborative process for all of us! In the end we realized we made something great for viral marketing, and we’re so glad that was the result and not the purpose! To be honest, I could listen to these songs all day and not even think about what they should be used for. As a producer, that’s gold.”

Duddy, Red Collective Lead Producer

Our Single Picks: Viral Gold

Although we’re obsessed with every track on this album, we wanted to pick out some highlights for you to check out:

  • Funded by The Red Collective, Indigoe & Renn Olympus. An anthemic pop/hip-hop track that makes you want to throw money in the air and dance around (next week, we’ll do a deep dive into this track, including a BTS creation TikTok and more!)
  • We Can Take You by The Red Collective, Jordan Olmos & GLNNA. This track is a chill dance-infused pop bop, perfect for viral videos as well as being at home in shows like Love Island and Too Hot To Handle, as well as for travel inspo scenes and party playlists!
  • Cowboy by erloom, is the 1st released single by The Red Collective lead producer. A sassy, mischievous track packed with smooth, playful grooves, it’s truly a track not to be missed.

Stay tuned in the next few Fridays on the blog for deep dives into our top track picks, behind-the-scenes footage, information from the producers and creators and more!

Who Are The Red Collective?

the red collective viral songs music licensing tiktok songs music production collaboration

The Red Collective is made up of an innovative group of elite producers and writers. Born out of Covid-19 as a way to support our artist community in a creative way during lockdown, The Red Collective has gone from strength to strength. It all started when our premium arm ASX hosted a “Writing for Sync” Masterclass which paired artists in collaborative pods. Hip Hop artists found themselves working with cinematic orchestrators and DJ’s found themselves paired with songwriters. The artists found value in the community and collaborations and their dynamic output was nothing shy of epic. And so, The Red Collective was born! The team creates within small pods, with each member of the “pod” bringing their own unique skill to the collaboration. This means there’s a wide range of styles and a mix of various talents and skill sets to bring your creative vision to life!

‘Viral Gold’ Is Great, How Do I License It?

If Viral Gold has piqued your interest, you can head here to license it. Also, don’t forget that The Red Collective can create bespoke, custom music, so let us know if you’re interested!

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