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Welcome to another Friday of more brand-new music! We’re coming to you with another incredible release that we think you’ll love. This moving new track from Charlie Lowell is his 2nd release, so keep reading to hear all about it!

About Charlie Lowell & ‘It Was You’

Charlie Lowell is a Nashville pianist, composer and producer who started out in New York. He has over 20 years of recording and touring experience with the band Jars of Clay. Lowell now composes, produces and collaborates with various artists as a solo act. Charlie has a wide range of influences from classical to ambient music, which can be seen in his eclectic work.

It Was You is a dreamy, romantic indie rock ballad with uplifting lyrics that serve as a thank you to those who made a positive impact in a difficult time. Used across many TV series, films and commercials, this is the track for cozy fireplace evenings!

Where Can I Listen?

It Was You can be streamed across all major platforms. Head here to find your preferred music listening service.

Notable Placements

Charlie’s band, Jars of Clay, have had some impressive film and TV placements. These include A Walk To Remember, Lethal Weapon, Grey’s Anatomy and Crashing. The band also reached the top 5 on Christian radio with multiple singles, as well as proving a hit on mainstream radio and MTV. Jars of Clay also sold millions of records and received multiple Grammy Award nominations.

This New Music Is Great, How Do I License It?

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If you love this track and want to use it in your project (we don’t blame you!), then head here to license this and other new music.

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