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We’re coming at you with yet another awesome release for you to enjoy! As always, this track is available to stream, as well as for sync and licensing purposes. Keep reading to hear all about some new music that we think you’ll love from Beacons!

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About Beacons & ‘Special Sauce’

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Beacons hail from the lush evergreen forests of the Pacific Northwest, and were raised in the Midwest. Inspiration for Beacons comes from a wide range of genres, with firm roots established in hook-driven pop.

Their new track Special Sauce is out now, and it is a fun-loving and uplifting pop track infused with Salsa, Latin and Axe. A captivating party song that makes it impossible not to dance, this track is exactly what you need to lift your spirits.

Where Can I Listen?

Special Sauce can be streamed across all major platforms. You can either listen below, or head here to find your preferred music listening service:

Beacons’ Placements

Credits under alter ego Bastian include work on a range of projects for major brands including Hyatt, Microsoft, Mastercraft, New Balance, Igloo, Speedo, Walmart, Skype, Swiss Army, Monster Energy, Oakley and many others.

This New Music Is Great, How Do I License It?

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If you’re intrigued by this track and want to use it in your project (we don’t blame you!), then head here to license this and other new music.

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