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Finding music for your creations is one thing – but finding unique and special music is another. Many stock libraries have songs that are quick, easy and cheap to use, but they quickly pop up in various other creations, rendering your creation just one of a million. That’s where Audiosocket comes in! 

Unique Sound At Audiosocket

What Makes Audiosocket Different?


Audiosocket stands out from the crowd because our music isn’t generic. Our tracks are created by real working artists and bands. That means that you’ll find authentic tracks that perfectly fit what you’re looking for. All of our music is high-quality, professionally created, mixed and ready to be used to level up your work.


Makes Audiosocket Different

Our catalog is infinitely wider than our competitors, with over 85,000 tracks available from over 2,500 artists and bands. You can search by genre, mood, style, tempo and more, or you can use our new Similarity Search feature to save time and find exactly what you envision. All you have to do is copy and paste a Spotify song link or YouTube URL into our search bar to find tracks in our catalog that sound similar. It’s that easy!


We know what you’re thinking… “this all sounds great, but surely it will be more expensive and difficult than using stock music?” That’s where you’re wrong! Our subscriptions start at just $10 a month, which gives you unlimited access to as many tracks as you like. We have a subscription to fit any need so you can access our catalog without breaking the bank.

Who We’ve Worked With

We’ve been fortunate enough to secure placements with some incredible creators and brands such as HBO, Disney, Amazon Prime, Banana Republic, Hulu, HP and more. Plus filmmakers and YouTube creators such as Rob Ellis and Mark Wallace. We’ve been described by Lyall from The Aesthetic Consumer as curating “exceptionally high-end tracks and playlists” by Jackie of Vice as providing “great music with quick, easy and friendly service all round”.

Audiosocket prides itself on having a range of music to suit all tastes, whether you’re looking for the perfect song for a vlog or for a blockbuster trailer. 

Find Your Unique Sound

Find Your Unique Sound

Alongside our wide-ranging catalog, we also have curated playlists that help you find multiple tracks within the mood, style or genre you’re looking for. Our goal is to help creators of all types find the perfect tracks to take their creations to another level, and our friendly team is always on hand to perform a custom music search for you or help out with any inquiries.

If you’re looking for music that’ll stand out, stick with your audience and express professionalism and creativity, we’re here for you. Sign up now!

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