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Free music with no copyright seems like a no-brainer when you start out. But it’s been a curse for YouTube channels that have otherwise awesome content. It’s difficult to imagine the impact that sound has on an audience and adding music to YouTube videos draws viewers in and helps your message to stick in viewers’ minds. Using poor-quality songs could be the difference between becoming a viral internet sensation and fading into obscurity.

What Is Copyright?

Copyright covers the physical and intellectual rights of the people who produced the recording. A piece of music is a product that belongs to the creators. This is the same as the videos you create. You own them and can use them as you see fit. To use a copyrighted song on YouTube, you must seek permission and pay for the rights.

The laws around copyright are always changing, which can make it hard for YouTubers to keep up. Unless you have a dedicated legal team and a huge bank roll, the world of copyright is tricky to navigate alone. Music licensing companies like Audiosocket can help.

Does Free Music for YouTube Exist?

After some amount of time, a song enters the public domain. Music in the public domain is generally free to use, although this can be a minefield. It takes decades for music to fall into the public domain. Even once it’s there, the law can be ambiguous.

Even if the synchronization rights of a song are in the public domain, the master rights might not be. Master rights cover the individual recording, whereas synchronization rights protect the songwriter. YouTube music usually needs both. It’s safe to say that finding free, high-quality, legal music to use for video content would be like finding a unicorn.

Free Music With No Copyright Slows Growth

If you’ve managed to find that unicorn, you’re probably pleased with yourself. However, it probably took you a long time to find the perfect license-free song for your YouTube channel. Plus there’s the risk that you’re still breaking copyright law.

As a creator, you don’t want to spend your precious time scouring the internet for free music without copyright.

Subscribers Value Great Production!

Audiences value high-quality production — even if they’re not professional creators themselves. Free music for YouTube might seem like an awesome idea when you’re prioritizing budget, but poor audio will turn the audience off.

Everyone has access to copyright-free music in the public domain, so it can get overused. You have to look very hard to find music that is free and interesting and is legal.

Use Royalty-Free, Stock or Production Music

Free music downloads aren’t ideal if you want to create video content that grabs viewers and holds their attention. You get access to a legit library of pre-cleared music, whether it’s for an intro, an outro, background music or a film score.

Affordable Music for YouTube

If you’re wondering where to get royalty-free music for YouTube, look no further than Audiosocket. You can find music by genre, mood, or tempo quickly. This lets you get on with the main creative process without worrying about copyright issues.

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