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Sadly, we’ve now reached the end of our Video Marketing For Business series – but don’t worry, we’re here to go out with a bang. In this final instalment, we will be taking a look at platforms, formats and all of the things relating to sharing your videos for your business and maximizing their impact. Let’s go!

Video Marketing For Business: Platforms, Formats & More

The platforms that you choose to share your videos on makes a world of difference. That’s why it’s important to know which platforms are best suited for different types of video content, as well as how to share and promote them. Let’s take a look at the most relevant platforms or places you can publish your videos, giving some helpful tips along the way around formatting, optimum lengths, content and more.


Optimum Video Length: 15-90 seconds

Recommended Dimensions: 1080 x 1920px

Vertical / Horizontal: Vertical has been found to be more successful on Facebook but either is fine!

Format: MP4

Captions? Yes! You can now also add captions for Facebook Live broadcasts

Live video tips: If it’s a series, promote it as if it’s a TV show! Share clips, post links to the content in Facebook Groups, use Facebook Messenger to notify when a new video is posted etc.

Best For: Interviews, BTS, product videos, educational videos, live videos – pretty much everything!

Other Tips: You can also use a video for your business page’s cover, rather than a static cover photo (dimensions are 820px wide x 312px tall for computers and 640px wide by 360px tall for mobile devices.


Optimum Video Length: 25-30 seconds. You can also go up to 10 mins for IGTV, 10-60 mins for Live, and up to 15 seconds per Story.

Recommended Dimensions: Landscape (1080 x 608px), Square (1080 x 1080px) & Portrait (1080 x 1350px)

Vertical,  Horizontal Or Square: It’s up to you but to fit perfectly, Square is your best bet.

Format: MP4

Captions? Yes! You can now also add captions for Facebook Live broadcasts

Live Video Tips: You can only go Live for up to 60 minutes if you are a verified account on Instagram. For those who aren’t verified, you can only go Live for up to 10 minutes.

Best For: Brand videos, product videos, tutorials, educational videos and Live videos.

Other Tips: More Instagram video tips are here


Optimum Video Length: Around 15-30 seconds

Recommended Dimensions: 1080 x 1920px. The aspect ratio should be that of a standard smartphone screen also, which is 9:16.

Vertical / Horizontal: Vertical, as TikTok is optimized for mobile use.

Format: TikTok supports MP4 and MOV files. For ads, it also supports AVI and GIF files

Captions? Yes, and TikTok now has auto captions to make this super easy!

Live Video Tips: You have to have a minimum of 1000 followers to go Live on TikTok (this can differ in some countries). There also doesn’t appear to be a time limit for TikTok Live videos.

Best For: Brand awareness, showing brand values, educational and niche content, entertaining videos

Other Tips: Check out How To Go Viral On TikTok!


Optimum Video Length: 7-15 minutes. Max video length available is 12 hours.

Recommended Dimensions: In general, 1080p or 1280 x 720 is best.

Vertical, Horizontal Or Square: If your video has a different aspect ratio, YouTube player will change it to the ideal YouTube size – however, you may end up with black bars at the side!

Format: MP4

Captions? Yes, and here’s how!

Live Video Tips: Here’s YouTube’s guidelines and advice for Live videos

Best For: Longer videos, reviews, brand awareness, educational and niche videos

Other Tips: To upload a video longer than 15 minutes to YouTube, you need to verify your Google Account. Here’s a helpful article on YouTube SEO, also!

Tips For Creating & Promoting Videos For Your Business

Before we finish, here are some quickfire tips for creating videos for your business, uploading them, promoting them and more!

  • Try to grab attention in the first 5 seconds of your video, regardless of the platform. With so much content out there, we’ve all become fast scrollers, so give them a reason to stick around (or tell them what you’ll be showing them/talking to them about)
  • Don’t underestimate the importance of captions! According to a study  by Verizon & Publicis, a whopping 92% of customers watch videos with the sound off, and 50% said they relied on captions.
  • Optimize your video title, description and more. Take YouTube, for example. You should perform some keyword research to find phrases and terms that potential customers are searching for. Then, try to feature these in your YouTube details. Feature the keyword or phrase in your title, description, tags and more to help people find it.
  • Choose a great thumbnail. In a lot of cases, you can upload a separate thumbnail rather than a screenshot from the video itself. We recommend adding some text, effects or an interesting image to capture people’s attention and make them want to click on your video.
  • Get sharing! Share to social media channels, in Facebook groups, online forums, reach out to some blogs who may want to feature the video and more. The more it circulates, the more people will hopefully share it, and the chain effect begins.

Final Thoughts & How Audiosocket Can Help

We hope that you’ve enjoyed this Video Marketing For Business series, and feel free to get in touch if you have any further tips or questions.

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