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There’s no better feeling that compiling an incredible playlist – whether it has a specific mood, target or purpose. Playlists are a great way to pre-prepare compilations of tracks that complement each other and make for a great listening experience. They are perfect for having on in the background without need for interference, such as during gatherings, for working, driving and many more purposes. Playlists can also bring people to your Spotify or Apple Music profile (as well as many other music platforms). This can help you gain followers and meet like-minded music fans. Let’s take a look at how to create playlists that stand out from the crowd!

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How To Create Playlists: Our Top Tips

1. Find Your Starting Point

This could be an idea, a specific point of view or aim to fulfil a certain purpose. Or it could simply be a mood, such as ‘walking in the rain’. If you want to share your playlist, think of it as something that needs to please both yourself and others. Therefore, a good trick is to add in 2 tracks that will please your target audience, and 1 that pleases you. That way, it will be a crowd pleaser and not alienate your audience. Also, you will be able to surprise them with some of your personal choices.

2. Think About The Track Order

Depending on the type of playlist you are making (or the purpose), track order can make a big difference. If you want to tell a story, you’ll need to rearrange the tracks so that they work in an order that reinforces your story. If you intend for your playlist to be a generalized list (genre, mood or so on), then track order is less important. Add them in without order in this case, as they can be shuffled by your audience.

3. Focus On Variety

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Variety is key to creating playlists. You don’t want to fill it with the same artists (unless it is a playlist showcasing a specific artist). In fact, a lot of people listen to playlists to discover tracks that they didn’t already know. Therefore, mixing music that are well-known with some lesser known tracks can make it stand out. This will provide variety, allow you to discover new music for yourself and provide exposure for smaller artists and bands. Within your theme, try to keep the tracks cohesive and make sure they work as a collection whilst also ensuring you have variety.

4. Use Algorithms & Suggested Music

You may think of yourself as a musical jukebox with endless inspiration and track ideas. As true as that may be, there will be billions of songs out there that you haven’t discovered yet. Music platforms such as Spotify will suggest songs that work with your playlist as you are creating it. Take a listen to some, and don’t be shy! Add them in to enhance your playlist, and you might even find some new favorite tracks whilst you’re at it!

5. Titles, Cover Art & Descriptions

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Strangely specific playlist titles can be a lot of fun! Interesting or quirky titles will entice listeners in, and you may hit what somebody has been looking for that they haven’t found before. Adding a photo to your playlist instead of the automated image will also make your playlist look more professional. The same goes for a description. If you want to elaborate to entice listeners in, then your description is a great place to start. You could state the thinking behind the collection of music you’ve compiled, or expand on the title.

Further Playlist Inspiration: Audiosocket

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For further playlist inspiration, check out Audiosocket’s playlists. From ‘Badass Female Rock‘ to ‘Get Up, Get Going, Get It Done‘, there are tons to choose from. While you’re at it, check out our catalog of music to find songs that are perfect for any upcoming projects. From just $15 a month, you can receive unlimited access to Audiosocket’s 85,000+ tracks!

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