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Video marketing and content have exploded in the past few years. On YouTube alone, over 400 hours of videos are uploaded every minute and 1 billion hours are watched on the platform every day. The fastest-growing form of content on the Web, video doesn’t just thrive online. It’s evolving. And smart brands are studying and mastering the trends. Tools like livestreaming and 360-degree video are changing the way marketing agencies and brands envision, create and deliver video content. It’s not enough to talk about video: The best examples must be seen (and heard) to be believed. Here are 20 marketing agencies and brands demonstrating how to identify the right format, message and soundtrack for a desired effect. Since we couldn’t rank their sheer awesomeness, we’ve created categories.


Leo Burnett for Always: #LikeaGirl

Always’s #LikeaGirl campaign seeks to encourage girls to stay in athletics, which has been shown to boost their self-confidence as well as imparting important life skills. In this video created by Leo Burnett, a background track punches up the energy with strong chords and a punctuating rhythm of handclaps.

Column Five: 2017 Video Reel

Media agency Column Five does strong work for a number of big names — and they also sell themselves to perfection. Their 2017 video reel set out to showcase their best video and animation from the year, but it also demonstrates their spot-on listening skills: a synth soundtrack’s funky backbeat is perfectly synched to the agency’s video and animation clips.
Head over to Column Five’s website to see the video.

Razorfish for Acura: Race Your Heart Out

For Christmas 2015, Razorfish and Acura brought us all what our 9-year-old hearts desired: slot cars. By combining multi-camera video and interactive Web apps, Acura made it possible for users to “drive” the cars in real time by tapping their phone screens — and made it possible for Razorfish to generate one of the most fun videos of the holiday season, backed with split-second sound effects and the silly excitement of Julian Casablancas’ “I Wish It Was Christmas Today.”